Fanciful Holiday Gift Ideas

November 12, 2007


Smiling Creek
South Pointe Center, Hagerstown

At Smiling Creek, grins and merriment are plentiful - just ask Jack and Debi Parkin, imaginative owners of the unique shop. A sprinkle of whimsy, a dab of tradition, and a whole lot of nature come together under one fantastic roof to renew the spirit and soothe the soul. From delicious tea bread mixes to fanciful birdhouses, find goodies for your home, garden, kitchen and wardrobe. The owners have a true appreciation for the inspirational power of nature, especially in their own line of sterling silver jewelry featuring real mustard seeds, shamrocks, elder flowers and forget-me-nots, grown in special greenhouses and captured in a charm for you to enjoy and treasure. For more information, stop by the shop at South Pointe Center, or call 301-797-5737. Plan to be inspired.


$11.90 - $37.45
Demory's Christmas Memories
South Pointe Center, Hagerstown

For many Hagerstonians, the holiday season doesn't officially begin until they've been to Demory's Christmas Memories. For eight years now, Demory's has been delighting young and old alike with cheerful holiday merchandise and gifts. Just past the miniature villages and nutcrackers, a display of more than 100 exquisite Baldwin ornaments twinkle under the fluorescent lights. Made of solid brass and finished in 24 karat gold or silver, these keepsakes, made in Rhode Island, are truly works of art. "We are the largest sellers of Baldwin ornaments on the east coast," says Steve Demory. With attention to detail and superior workmanship, it takes 17 pairs of hands to produce an ornament before reaching the customer's hands. Whether fanciful or classic, every design is intended to capture the heartstrings. So bring the family and choose your favorite. Demory's Christmas Memories is open every day at South Pointe Center. For more information, call 301-739-9627.


Have a Dickens of a time!


$12 and Up
Ten Thousand Villages
13625 Pennsylvania Ave., Hagerstown

Find the perfect gift for those who mean the most to you at Ten Thousand Villages, where you'll discover an endless variety of skillfully crafted, unique items from all over the world. Exquisite home decor, textiles, jewelry, ceramics, furniture, basketry and so much more, handmade by artisans from places such as Peru, Kenya and Egypt, using age-old traditions to sculpt, paint, sew, and create. Escape the ordinary, in particular, with beautiful and functional works of art made from nature's bounty - gourds! Artists carve, burn and paint beautiful designs onto natural gourds to make delightful little boxes with fitted lids, vases, bowls, musical instruments - even Christmas tree ornaments. Your purchase enables the artists to earn a fair wage and provides the opportunity for a better quality of life. Bring your holiday list to Ten Thousand Villages, located on U.S. 11 near the Maugans Avenue intersection, or call 301-797-3020.


$80 - $175
The Alpaca Shop
10702 Mapleville Road, Hagerstown

Picturesque Annapaca Farm sits in the middle of rolling fields just off Route 66 near Beaver Creek - and not a cow or chicken in sight. Owners Bert and Ann Kramer breed alpacas, a cousin of the llama, native to Peru, with large, expressive eyes and cashmere-like fleece. Alpacas produce a luxurious, fine grade of fleece that feels amazing next to the skin and is lightweight, yet extraordinarily warm and durable. At their Alpaca Shop on the farm, the Kramers offer a wonderful selection of hand-finished alpaca sweaters at very reasonable prices. Resistant to pilling, the garments are available in beautiful designs and colors. In addition, other alpaca products are offered, from coats and ponchos to slippers and rugs, and, of course, the lovable alpaca teddy bear. Stop by to browse in the Alpaca Shop and see the alpacas in their pastures. Open daily, call 301-824-2840 for directions or visit


$2.39 and Up
Cronise Market Place
312 S. Main St., Boonsboro

Smithsburg Market
48 S. Main St., Smithsburg

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