Former District Court judge dies

Metzner says James Floyd Strine was a kind man

Metzner says James Floyd Strine was a kind man

November 12, 2007|By MARLO BARNHART

HAGERSTOWN ? Though he was most widely known as an attorney, state's attorney and judge, James Floyd Strine was just as proficient sitting behind a set of drums or the keyboard of an organ.

"I practiced law before Judge Strine many, many times," Hagerstown attorney Lewis Metzner said.

From 1982 to 1995, Strine was an associate judge for the District Court of Maryland in Washington County.

Strine, 81, died Friday at Western Maryland Hospital Center.

What Metzner said he will remember most are the times Strine and Metzner's late father, Sidney S. Metzner, played together in bands over the years.

"It was never for money but for the love of music that they played," Metzner said.

His father played piano while Strine was at the drums.

Metzner said in all things, Strine was a kind man.

"He will be missed," he said

Washington County Circuit Judge Frederick C. Wright III preceded Strine on the District Court bench, serving from its inception in 1971 until 1979, when he assumed the higher court bench he holds today.


"I was very interested in the District Court, even after I left," Wright said. "It was like a child to me ... I'd helped craft it."

When Strine began his tenure on the bench, Wright was watching closely how the new judge would affect the vision Wright had for the court.

He said Strine didn't disappoint.

"Jim was a perfect fit for the court," Wright said. "He was a very principled person, as well as a practical one. That was very important in a court of first impression for people right off the street."

Strine's daughter, Linda, said she was at her father's bedside at Western Maryland Hospital Center one day when she witnessed a unique testimonial to him.

"A gentleman came up to Dad and said he had appeared before him in court and that Dad had turned his life around," she said. "I was so glad I was there for that."

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