United Way timeline

November 11, 2007

Fall 1957 - Although Community Chest has been in existence since 1923, what now is the United Way was incorporated as the United Fund. Of the original 19 agencies, eight still are partner agencies - The American Red Cross, Big Brothers (now Big Brothers Big Sisters), Boys Club (now Boys and Girls Club), Boy Scouts, Girls Club (now Girls Inc.), Girl Scouts, Goodwill Industries and YMCA.

· Paul Horst is named chairman of Washington County's first United Fund drive.

Sept. 27, 1957 - United Fund moves into its first office headquarters at 57 W. Franklin St. in Hagerstown. The "Red Feather" is introduced as the agency's logo.

Nov. 7, 1957 - Hagerstown and Washington County's first United Fund campaign gets under way. That first campaign raises $260,375.86.

Oct. 27, 1958 - WJEJ hosts a radio marathon to help United Fund reach its goal of $262,168.

Oct. 31, 1958 - At the conclusion of the year's campaign, United Fund's first executive director, Richard A. Anthony, receives a congratulatory telegram from national headquarters President Ralph H. Blanchard. Anthony serves as executive director from 1958 to 1963.


October 1960 - United Fund volunteers go into neighborhoods seeking support for the annual campaign. The volunteers encourage residents to give their "fair share."

Early 1960s - The first billboard used in the United Fund appeal provides a hint of a nationwide name change with the slogan "Give The United Way."

1963 - United Fund hires its second executive director, Jesse L. Kagle Jr. He served in that post for 24 years.

1964 - United Fund surpasses its goal by raising more than $300,000.

1968 - United Way Foundation of Washington County is created to support the annual operations of the United Way.

1974 - United Fund of Washington County officially becomes United Way of Washington County.

1982 - Dalton and Mary Welty donate a building on Potomac Avenue to the United Way Foundation. This building later serves as the United Way administrative offices for nearly 20 years.

1984 - Under the direction of campaign chairman Carl Pedersen, United Way surpasses its first $1 million goal.

1987 - Charles Heiden is named United Way executive director, a post he holds until 1989.

1989 - Betsy Wilson Day takes over as executive director. She serves until 1992.

1992 - Kathy Vogt, now Kathy Vogt Hall, takes on the job of executive director and remains in the post until 2000.

· The United Way begins holding its annual Day of Caring, which calls on hundreds of volunteers to give back by tacking projects.

Jan. 22, 1997 - United Way, under the leadership of Al Martin, Doug Wright and Michael Callas, raises $1.6 million.

2000 - James Taylor becomes executive director. He serves in the position until 2004.

2005 - Dale Bannon takes over the reins as executive director. He serves until June 2007

January 2007 - Under the leadership of co-chairs John Roney and Cynthia Perini, United Way raises more than $1.8 million.

April 2007 - The United Way hosts an open house in its new office at 33 W. Franklin St. in downtown Hagerstown. The agency shares space with the Community Foundation as a way to save donor's resources.

June 14, 2007 - United Way celebrates 50 Years of Caring at its annual dinner.

August 2007 - Dan Greenwald takes on the job as executive director. He resigns in October.

Oct. 30, 2007 - Former Washington County Administrator Rodney Shoop is hired to serve as interim executive director. He is to assume his duties Nov. 1.

Aug. 31, 2007 - United Way of Washington County's $1.9 million campaign begins.

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