Person of the Year nominees must be in by Friday, Nov. 16

November 09, 2007

Back in 1999, when many businesspeople were concerned the Y2K bug would bring their operations to a grinding halt, two Herald-Mail editors decided to look at the new millennium's approach in a positive way.

They approached Publisher John League with an idea to start 2000 on a high note, by marking Jan. 1 with the announcement of The Herald-mail's Person of the Year.

It was decided that the Person of the Year would be someone who had made a significant, positive impact on Hagerstown and Washington County.

Candidates would be nominated by people in the community, then chosen by a combination of local citizens and Herald-Mail employees.

The winner is featured in a detailed profile that appears on the front page of the Jan. 1 edition of The Herald-Mail.


In addition, that person is given a crystal bowl and $1,000 for his or her favorite charity. The winner's name is engraved on a plaque displayed at the newspaper's office.

Choosing among the nominees is always difficult. Anyone who has been involved has found that there are a great many people in this community who donate their time and resources to making life better here in a variety of ways.

All of the winners so far, including Lois Smith Harrison, John Barr, Jack Hershey the late Mike Callas, Norman Shea, John Waltersdorf, Art Callaham and James G. Piern, have had one thing in common. They are less concerned with getting public credit for what they do than they are about actually accomplishing something.

For example, Mike Callas was well known in the community, but it was only after his death that the many good deeds he had done and the causes he supported were revealed.

One need not be well-known to be nominated for this honor. The only requirement is that the nominees must live in Washington County and that they have done good things for the community. Even those who don't win may be recognized in a special publication in 2008.

Please consider suggesting a worthy candidate. A form to do that is in today's Herald-Mail, or you can download it at

Instructions for sending completed forms are included with both the print and online forms.

Nominating a worthy person is the one way everyone can make a difference. Please do it today, because the deadline is Friday, Nov. 16.

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