Sharpsburg briefs

November 06, 2007|By HEATHER KEELS

Town wants county to handle inspections

SHARPSBURG - The Sharpsburg Town Council voted Monday to ask Washington County to take over all building inspections in the town.

However, council members also agreed to establish a town oversight committee to review building plans before sending them on to the county for permits and inspections. The committee will include the town's attorney and members of the historical and planning and zoning committees, council member Patricia Hammond said.

Meanwhile, several citizens expressed concerns about building projects they believe are going forward without permits.

"You can't keep dragging your feet and pretending like the problem doesn't exist," said Tracy Stride, who said she has been reminding the council about the unauthorized building since the spring.

Mayor Hal Spielman said it would be up to the county building inspector to decide whether to issue stop-work orders on ongoing projects.


Trapping considered for feral cats

SHARPSBURG - Sharpsburg officials might have to resort to trapping to remove a colony of feral cats that have been congregating in an alley because someone is feeding them, town attorney Charles Wagaman said.

Council members were reluctant to use town funds to pay to have the cats removed, but officials could offer few other solutions.

"This problem's been going on for quite awhile, and I just think something needs to be done," said Vice Mayor Jeffery Saylor, who said neighbors had been complaining about the cats leaving droppings on their property.

Saylor said he spoke to a woman who feeds the cats, but he did not know her name or address.

Wagaman said there was no law against feeding stray animals, but individual property owners could try contacting the woman feeding the cats and asking her, in writing, not to feed them on their property.

Councilman Gary Hull said that failed in the past.

"She just kept moving up the alley," he said.

Wagaman said he planned to ask officials in other towns for advice.

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