Mayor, council members retain Clear Spring seats

November 06, 2007|By DAN DEARTH

CLEAR SPRING - The political scene in Clear Spring stayed unchanged after Monday's elections.

Mayor Paul D. Hose Jr. and council members Carol and Theodore Hovermale retained their seats.

Hose ran unopposed. The Hovermales faced off against W. David Irvin Jr. and Daniel M. Tedrick.

Town Clerk Juanita K. Grimm said 60 of Clear Spring's 455 residents voted in the election, which was held from 2 to 7 p.m.

"That's a pretty good turnout for an election in Clear Spring," she said.

Hose received 57 votes, Grimm said. Theodore Hovermale pulled in 37 votes and Carol Hovermale had 35.

She said 24 residents voted for Tedrick and 23 for Irvin.

Hose said Monday evening that he wasn't sure whether he would run for re-election this year.

"I don't know if (this) will be my last term," he said. "I'll have to see how this one goes."

The other candidates could not be reached by telephone for comment.


Every other year, Clear Spring holds an election to choose a mayor and two council members, Grimm said. On the years in between, town residents vote for one council member and a vice mayor.

Each term runs for two years.

In 2008, elections will be held for the seats that currently are held by Vice Mayor Steven L. Blickenstaff and Councilman Stewart Brennan.

Vote totals

Vote totals in Monday's Clear Spring election:

Mayor Paul D. Hose Jr., 57

Theodore Hovermale, 37

Carol Hovermale, 35

Daniel M. Tedrick, 24

W. David Irvin Jr., 23

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