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November 03, 2007

Let's help save Antietam Creek

To the editor:

This past Spring I had the opportunity to help Councilman Jeff Cline of Williamsport, the Boy Scout Troop from Williamsport, a lady teacher and numerous other individuals clean up Springfield Run in Byron Memorial Park in Williamsport.

The day was beautiful to say the least. It was an awesome experience. I enjoyed the whole morning. The main concern was the vegetation that was growing in the creek. We also cleaned out some trash, mainly plastic soda bottles and Styrofoam.

That experience is what inspired me to write this letter. I recently read a letter in the newspaper by Alicia Notorianni about Antietam Creek Watershed Alliances second annual Rubbish Round-up in Hagerstown/Funkstown.


Being an environmentalist myself, I would have gladly helped myself.

Having lived along the Antietam Creek for over four decades I have grown to love its serenity. As a kid, my grandmother told me how beautiful the creek was when she was a child, and how it has changed today. She also has told me stories about the amusement park that was across the creek from Funkstown, in Hagerstown. That park is long gone - except for memories in the minds of "old timers." Subsequently part of that land is now the Hagerstown sewer plant.

There is still hope for the creek. I still see snapping turtles, crayfish, carp, heron, ducks, muskrats (although not near as many as when I was a kid) in the creek we all have to help. We didn't use to have plastic soda bottles and Styrofoam. Stop dumping your tires, air conditioners, grocery carts, etc., into the creek. Let's turn the creek around so future generations can use it and see it as my grandmother did.

And on another note, that old City Light Plant along the creek is an eyesore, a disgrace to the city when outside people come to see the Hagerstown Suns play ball.

So I am asking Sally Hatch, co-founder of Antietam Creek Watershed Alliance group A.C.W.A. or someone affiliated with it to contact me with information as soon as possible so I can get involved with this much-needed undertaking.

Kevin L. Spielman


Current mistakes will be hard to undo

To the editor:

I listened to the president's speech to the U.N. on Tuesday, Sept. 25, wherein he extolled about all the millions and billions of revenue the U.S. has given to various countries around the world.

He didn't mention the largest sums of money exported from our country. The billions of dollars, borrowed money, used to finance the war in Iraq, the billions of dollars exported to China for the purchase of their goods, and so much of these products being of inferior quality and also the billions of dollars being exported to Mexico, to the families of the millions of illegal aliens working here.

As a result we now have the largest debt in the history of our country. Also, for the first time, we now have the lowest financial rating with the money exchanged with the world financial trading.

We also have one more year to expect more of this type of federal business.

In my opinion, the only way to eliminate this type of government is to vote them and their party out of office. Also all those congress members who have sided with this president in his various maneuvers should be voted out of office.

This new group in Washington will still have the enormous, unenviable task of restoring integrity and honor to our government, but also trying to balance the budget. I wish them god speed and good luck.

Arthur H. Franklin


Earthly rule is an insult

To the editor:

After reading "Faith doesn't preclude politics" by Eddie Mills of Hagerstown, I felt impelled to respond.

First, let me preface my assertions by saying that I'm a senior citizen and have studied the Holy Bible for a good many years, yet having a fairly good knowledge of the sacred scriptures, but to say that I know it all would be a very foolish assertion. It would be safe to say that this applies to everyone, so let me proceed to state where I strongly disagree with some of Mills' statements.

In the religious world today, there's so many different interpretations of Biblical prophecy, especially concerning the last days.

The book of Daniel, Matthew and the book of Revelation are often used as backing for the premillennial doctrine, including the secret rapture and our lord actually riding a white horse in battle with a sharp sword "out of his mouth!" Really now, isn't it quite strange to literalize this passage and other passages in the Bible that many evangelicals are doing today?

Many speak of the seven years tribulation coming up, when in reality, most of Matthew 24, to the days before and after A.D. 70 with the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and the desolation of the Jewish people, according to Jewish historian Flavius Josephus and Bible commentator Adam Clarke, "future prophecies" are history!

To me it's really sad. Such men, whose minds are apparently natural, but not spiritual, as their interpretations seem to intimate. I very seriously question the "prophecies" of many popular evangelists on radio today. Bringing the King of Kings and Lord of Lords down as an earthly monarch has to be the greatest insult to God our savior, creator and sovereign of heaven and the whole universe! This is blatantly false!

It's abundantly clear in God's word that our Lord finished his earthly mission nearly 2,000 years ago, period.

Edgar M. Foltz Jr.

Greencastle, Pa.

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