Students set superhero satire

October 30, 2007|By ANNA BALDASARRE / Pulse Correspondent

What do pennies, maple syrup, and an obsession with cleanliness have in common?

They are elements of "Captain Canada and Copper Boy Boomsday," the dessert theater being produced by the Smithsburg High School drama club and written by two students.

"It's about two bumbling superheroes just trying to pay their rent," senior Kyle Raios said. Kyle, 17, co-wrote the play this summer with Joe Waeyaert, also 17. However, Kyle said with a laugh, "They never do." Instead, the heroes must thwart Dr. Boom's evil plan to conquer the city.

"We came up with the plot ourselves," said Joe, a junior, "but some elements are parodies of comic books and superheroes."


Take Captain Canada. He's based on Kyle's favorite hero, Captain America. Captain Canada loves maple syrup, Kyle said, "to the point where he'll order it to drink. He puts it on everything and everywhere."

It took the boys all summer to write the play, working on it once or twice a week while juggling jobs and social lives.

"I think it's great [that students wrote the play]," said Ruth Hobson, SHS drama advisor. "We've never really done it before, but I've seen other schools do it and thought it was a great opportunity for the students. The kids have done all the writing, directing, lighting, props, and sets. It's not just two hours rehearsing two times a week. They've put an incredible amount of time into it."

The actors are thrilled, too.

"It's hilarious, and they did a good job," said Maggie Rishell, 15, who plays a police officer. Timmy Barr, 15, said he liked the way Joe and Kyle left the characters open-ended, so the actors could add their own interpretations. Joey Barvir, 15, said it's "really great" that the writers of the play are also the directors, because "we can get their opinion on what they wanted."

But it's not all work putting together a play. There's plenty of time for socializing, too.

"Rehearsals are a blast. Being on stage with everyone is fun," Maggie said, as she and Claire McMahon, 15, the understudy for Pepper, ran lines with junior Lacey Turner, 16, to prepare. "We watch each other and have our own styles, but intermix each other's sense into it, too."

"I'm really happy with the cast," Joe added. "I think it's going to be really good."

"It'll be a really fun evening," Hobson added.

If you go ...

WHAT: "Captain Canada and Copper Boy Boomsday"

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 1, Friday, Nov. 2, and Saturday, Nov. 3.

WHERE: Smithsburg High School

COST: $6 or $8; reserved tickets only

CALL: 301-766-8336

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