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October 29, 2007

Last week's question: - During the upcoming session of the Maryland General Assembly, should Washington County lawmakers go along with Gov. Martin O'Malley in hopes of getting something in return or oppose him and take a chance the governor will give them little or nothing?

· Uh, seeing as how no matter what we do, because we're out here in the boondocks (compared with the higher tax bases in other parts of the state) we don't get diddly anyway. So, does it really matter if our lawmakers take "the one knee approach" or if they go with their personal convictions?

· Another question just for folks as smart as we are. Generalities don't really turn me on. Now if the question posed a specific scenario, maybe I could send a specific comment. I really would like to know the name of the person who thinks up each question, sort of like having the reporter's name on a story.


The best comment I can make is: Go along with the governor sometimes and oppose the governor sometimes. But for goodness sake, don't ever try to think you have to be either for the governor 100 percent of the time or against the governor 100 percent of the time. Sometimes even President Bush is right.

· True. A broken watch is at least right twice a day.

· I don't think it makes much difference what any Republicans do in this state. We can of course polish apples and get a tidbit thrown at us but lose our honor. I say do what we feel is right regardless.

· State Sen. Don Munson and others supported a bill in 1991 to transfer the Baltimore City Jail to the state of Maryland. Instead of Baltimore City now paying for the jail, the Maryland taxpayer now assumes this cost.

Munson might well have achieved some benefits for Washington County because of his vote, but this acquisition has cost the Maryland taxpayer well over $1 billion dollars since 1991. When you look at the current deficit of $1.7 billion for the state, it was not a good vote nor a good deal for the Maryland taxpayer. This is the problem with politics - integrity often is sacrificed while political bartering prevails. Sometimes I think a vote such as this is like selling your soul to the devil. You may get a little something delightful today but its going to cost you dearly tomorrow.

· The only time I notice anything positive coming out of Annapolis that affects us here in Western Maryland is when it's election time and the politicians are kissing up to us to get our votes. Most of the money goes to the larger areas.

· A previous poster nailed this one folks - absolutely correct. I hope an upcoming question for this poll will involve the proposed new "Eastern" High School discussed in an article in The Herald-Mail last week.

This week's question: - Should Washington County build a new high school on the east side of Hagerstown for $60 million or look into other alternatives, such as the reuse of existing buildings?

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