Greencastle to hire interim manager

October 25, 2007|By JENNIFER FITCH

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - The Greencastle Borough Council soon will employ a part-time borough manager - at $80 an hour.

At a specially scheduled meeting Thursday, the borough council agreed to use the services of Keystone Municipal Services Inc. The Pennsylvania company is a government consulting firm that provides various services, including the interim management ones sought by Greencastle.

Ken Myers, Greencastle's borough manager for almost 23 years, has resigned and leaves his post in early November.

"We would act as your manager. It'd be a seamless transition for your residents," Robert Sabatini said in his sales pitch to the council.

Utilizing an interim manager will buy the council time as it decides how to fill Myers' vacancy, according to Harold E. Duffey, a member of the personnel committee.


Sabatini, managing director of Keystone Municipal Services, said the council will pay the interim manager $80 an hour with workdays being a minimum of seven hours. The council also will be responsible for mileage reimbursement for the approximately 45 miles from Carlisle, Pa.

The council can decide how many days a week to employ the interim manager, who is a retired assistant borough manager and zoning officer, Sabatini said.

"This individual comes highly recommended," Sabatini said, adding that the contracted employee has not worked with his company before.

Sabatini declined to publicly release the man's name because he has not been formally offered the job. His company would get $6,000 if the borough council permanently hired the interim manager.

"If you don't hire this person, it's the hour-by-hour fee," Sabatini said.

Later, he said, "It'd be pretty hard to continue your operations day to day with less than 20 hours."

"Certainly it's not cheap, but certainly we have to keep the office running," Duffey said.

He said the personnel committee and borough council could take several months if they do an in-depth review of what roles newly hired employees should fill.

"We're thinking we need to let all options open instead of making a quick decision," Duffey said.

That could involve divvying up Myers' duties among several people, Duffey said.

Councilman Gerald Pool said the interim manager might be able to help the council "get a whole new fresh look at the system."

The council voted unanimously to start using an interim manager. Councilman Don A. Coldsmith was absent from the special meeting.

"We don't have any ongoing obligation" to Keystone Municipal Services, Councilman Paul Schemel said.

"I think that's a fair way to do business," he said.

The council also voted to remove Myers' authority to sign checks, shifting that responsibility to three councilmen.

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