October 23, 2007|By AUBREY SPARKS / Pulse Correspondent

The weather's getting chillier.
The leaves begin to fall.
I need a Halloween costume.
I must get to the mall.

I'm picking out my scary mask
And, as I look around,
What should I see? A Christmas tree
Right there on the ground.

So, if I buy a plastic ghost
Do I get a Santa, too?
Christmas comes in two more months
And I'm not ready. Are you?

Wait just a second! Not so fast.
What happened to Thanksgiving?
Is Christmas here? Did we skip the turkey?
How happy he must feel to be living.

So what do I do with this beautiful tree
With ornaments colored with gold?
Should it go in my attic till time comes round,
Gathering cobwebs and mold?


I'm just confused, what month is this?
We're just a few weeks past September!
There's hardly a holiday heading our way.
I think I forgot to remember.

There's ghouls, Santas, pumpkins and trees.
What holiday is coming? I don't have a clue.
Witches and presents and family dinners -
They're all stuck together as if dipped in glue.

They should call it Christ-o-giving
Cause' if they will let us do this,
We will have one great big holiday
With turkey, a tree and a frightful bliss!

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