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October 22, 2007

Last week's question: How deeply should the United States become involved in easing the strife in Myanmar (Burma)?

· And people wonder why our world is in the shape it's in. As long as that junta is in charge, those people will continue in the same conditions - or worse. The UN should act, not just the U.S. And they should act because it's the right thing to do, not because there's something in it for anyone.

· In an ideal world, the UN would have acted a long time ago. Parade Magazine periodically publishes a list of the world's worst dictators and the UN could easily publish another list of the world's worst governments and start acting to remove the worst of these governments. But this isn't an ideal world, the UN won't act, and the U.S., which did nothing in Rawanda, Cambodia, Sudan, etc., won't either.

· Also, if you look at Sudan and Burma, who's supporting those oppressive governments? China! And as long as the international community's overly concerned with not upsetting China, then there will be no action.


· Hypothetical situation: Using a ingenious and highly innovative tactic, the Burmese people hire Blackwater for security purposes against their own oppressive government. The UN, IMF, World Bank and the International community at large support this effort due to reduced costs and savings potential vs. using conventional means.

· About one day. Then get out. We have to stop baby-sitting the world.

· Oust the junta that has all the money, all the power and all the artillery. Restore the elected democratic leader who's been under house arrest for the past decade-plus and then ship them off to Sudan. After they restore that mess, they can go to Mogadishu and deal with the Al-Queda cells popping up there.

· Let a computer pick a past date in American history and see what our U.S. Constitution would have bound us to according to the technology of that time.

· The UN should take the lead in this issue - not the U.S. - and try to prove its charter is relevant.

· Do we have any personnel left to aid them? Aren't they all in the Middle East? Let's give another country a chance to help out their fellow man. We can't be everywhere.

· The lack of support the public shows our military and the administration, I say we don't help anybody else in the world until we're all on the same page.

· Diplomatic efforts only.

· Is there any oil or money in it for us? If so I say bomb away. I'm a Republican and I can't wait until World War III. Go neo-cons!

· None!

· May I quote Britney Spears? "We should just do whatever the president says, because he's, you know, the president," she said.

· I have no problem helping other countries gain freedoms that we enjoy. I do have a problem with the lack of support on the homefront. Until the Americans are willing to stand united, stay out of Myanmar, Darfur, etc.

This week's question: During the upcoming session of the Maryland General Assembly, should Washington County lawmakers go along with Gov. Martin O'Malley in hopes of getting something in return or oppose him and take a chance the governor will give them little or nothing?

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