Hagerstown area places 71st in study

October 21, 2007|By ARNOLD S. PLATOU

The Hagerstown-Martinsburg metro area placed 71st jobwise on the "best performing" list of the nation's 200 largest metros, according to a study by the Milken Institute, a national think tank.

A year ago, the area was the nation's 79th best.

The local metro area - a term and area chosen by the U.S. Census Bureau - was home to 258,000 people in 2006.

The "best" standing put Hagerstown-Martinsburg one notch higher than the San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos area of California.

This news prompted a public moaning from San Diego-area columnist Deal Calbreath, who blames San Diego County's catastrophic fall from grace on his area's continuing high cost of housing.

On the Web site, Calbreath wrote, "According to the Milken report, the county ranks 72nd among the 200 largest metropolitan areas in the United States. That's quite a comedown for an area that, just five years ago, was ranked Numero Uno.


"... Our latest ranking places us firmly between Hagerstown, Md., and Little Rock, Ark.," Calbreath wrote.

For the record, the Milken study said, the nation's best overall area for the ability to create and sustain jobs is Ocala, Fla., which has 316,000 people, according to the study.

The "best" the previous year also was in Florida. It was the Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville region, which sunk to 48th place in 2006.

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