Pa. museum releases third book in history series

October 19, 2007|By ASHLEY HARTMAN

SOUTH MOUNTAIN, Pa. - Preserving Our Heritage Archives and Museum, which houses artifacts, pictures and newspapers from the Waynesboro and Quincy region, will release its 16th book, titled "Gleanings 3,"on Oct. 28.

"Gleanings 3" is the third book in a series documenting the history of the region by using items from Waynesboro's "Village Record" newspaper from 1853 to 1923.

"It tells the community's story," said the Rev. Lee E. Daywalt, who runs the museum. "It tells about where they come from, what they were involved with - that they can't get anywhere else."

"Gleanings 3" tells the story of what was covered by the newspaper from 1886 to 1889 in the Waynesboro and Quincy region.


The museum was contacted three years ago by the Waynesboro Historical Society, which had all of the original newspapers stored in the Oller House in Waynesboro.

"I started thinking, what could we do with all these?" Daywalt said of the newspapers that filled up two pickup trucks.

At first, Daywalt decided to cut out pictures of historical sites in South Mountain, Pa. Then, he branched out to other areas and started cutting out interesting articles and advertisements.

"A newspaper is one of the most valuable things we have to communicate local information," said Daywalt, who runs the museum as a ministry of the New Baltimore Church of God, where he is a pastor.

The building that houses the museum was purchased in 2002, but did not open until 2004 because of restorations. Before that, the museum was in the church.

"For the most part, items are donated here by people," Daywalt said. The museum opened in November 2004 with 200 framed historical pictures. The museum now has 900.

Daywalt said the pictures are of buildings, people, places, accidents and other events from the Waynesboro area.

The process of making the book begins in the basement of the museum, where all the old newspapers are stored.

"Once we had this collection, we decided we wanted to create a resource for genealogy," said Daywalt, who did most of the work on "Gleanings 3." "We wanted to produce some of it in color to get the flavor of the newspaper."

The newspapers are then read and articles are separated based on regions, such as Waynesboro, Greencastle, Rouzerville, Mont Alto, Quincy and Adams County.

"I've read every article from 1853 to 1923" in the Waynesboro "Village Record," Daywalt said.

The articles are placed on acid-free paper inside a plastic sheet and compiled in a binder. A copy of each binder is made.

Daywalt had color copies made of certain items in the newspaper and typed other items from papers that might have deteriorated.

"The newspapers were not kept so they did not deteriorate, many are in very rough shape; that's why we are working to glean and copy everything before we lose it," Daywalt said.

The book is put together and bound at the museum.

"Each book takes about six months," Daywalt said. "I finished all the research and writing in May."

Daywalt said he has all the information for the next two books ready. The museum releases two books a year; a Gleanings book and another book.

Daywalt has always been interested in history and received his bachelor's degree in the subject.

"One of the things I wanted to do was be a teacher," Daywalt said.

When that did not work out, Daywalt became a minister.

"Gleanings 2" sold 228 copies, and there will be at least two more books in the series, Daywalt said.

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