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A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

October 18, 2007

"Decades ago, there used to be advice that 'Say what you mean to say, and say it without it being misinterpreted.'"
I'm afraid that saying never made it to this area.

"You people that don't know what 'vicarious' means, get out your dictionary . . ."
Or you could imagine that you were reading the dictionary and do your research vicariously.

"I saw Wayne Newton on 'Dancing with the Stars,' and I thought how handsome he would look if he didn't have his face stretched and shiny like a young boy on a 60-year-old's body."
What are you saying? Next you'll be accusing Joan Rivers of having a face lift.

"I was recently at a banquet where politicians were introduced, and one thing I noticed is that their spouses were not introduced. That's not a very nice thing to do. Their spouses stood by them during their whole campaign, so that those politicians could get to where they are now today. These spouses need to be introduced." - Hagerstown


Most politicians' spouses whom we know are more than happy to remain anonymous.

High five to these callers:

"Just wondering why so many cats and dogs are always in the paper as being found. Don't the people care about their animals, keep an eye on them? The Wednesday, Oct. 3 paper has, I think, what, 19 cats and several dogs? Keep an eye on your pets, people, if you love them, OK?" - Hancock

"A big thumbs up to the Town of Williamsport. I called to inform them of trash and debris at River Bottom Park. In less than two hours, it was being cleared away. It's just too bad the citizens who enjoy using that area cannot be more considerate and take their trash with them, rather than using (the park) as a dump site. Thank you."

"I would like to know what some of you think a "yield" sign means. It does not mean 'floor it" to see if you can squeeze in.

I watched an accident on Interstate 81 because the person this driver was trying to get in front of had no place to go. And it's not the young kids. It's the adults, and they should know better. No wonder there is road rage. Go back and read the driver's manual before you kill someone. By the way, it means 'stop, proceed with caution.' Get with the program."

According to the Maryland State Police, the fine for failure to yield the right of way is $130, assuming that the incident didn't cause an accident.

"I like kids; I had a couple, one of my own who's now grown. But I was in (a restaurant) Tuesday about 2 p.m. A woman was there with two kids, hollering and beating and banging and screaming. She left, and in came three more little ones, and they had no control over them at all. Around and around and around they went.

"What's wrong with mothers today that they have no control over their children when they're out in public? I had a child, my sister had three, four children, and I know a lot of my friends had children, but they didn't let them run wild." - Hancock

"I have to agree with the person who called in and said about the Hagerstown Community College always sending out their catalogs to every household. It does seem like a waste. They were sending a catalog to my mother, and she is/was in her 80s. I realize they need people to come to their college and everything, but maybe just send out a notice saying the new catalogs are available, and if you want one, call a certain number. Make it a one-page thing, and hopefully we'll save some trees, save some landfill space. Thanks."

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