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October 17, 2007|By ATHENA M.S. BROWN and CAROLINE RAUCH


The Heart of a Woman

By Maya Angelou

Softcover | 336 pages | Bantam | May 1997

This wonderful memoir by Maya Angelou is set during the civil rights era. It gives a very insightful look at the time from an African-American woman's point of view.

It keeps the reader wondering what she is going to do next and what "lesson" she is going to teach herself next. It was wonderful to see the relationship between her and her son with the lessons and sacrifices that she gives to him and vice versa. The book is not just a metaphorical journey but a literal journey as well. She travels from San Francisco to New York to Africa and more.

Maya Angelou shows how you can triumph in any situation. All you have to do is put your mind to it and learn from your previous mistakes. If you are looking for a book that keeps you guessing and takes you back in time, then this is the book to read.


? Athena M.S. Brown and Caroline Rauch are members of the Sisters in Spirit book club.

Editor's Note: Maya Angelou is noted for her poetry and autobiographical writings. "The Heart of a Woman" is the fourth book in the autobiographical series. "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" is the first in the series. She read one of her poems, "On the Pulse of the Morning," at Bill Clinton's presidential inauguration. She was only the second poet to read at an inauguration. (Robert Frost read at John F. Kennedy's inauguration.)

Book Club: The Sisters in Spirit book club is for women 23 and older who live or work in Western Maryland. Founded in June by Ladetra Robinson, the club is reading books by African-American authors. Robinson works at Hospice of Washington County and is a commissioner with the Washington County Commission for Women and the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition.

Robinson says she'd like to partner with other book clubs and eventually establish a club for young people. For more information on the club, call Robinson at 301-331-2071 or e-mail

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