Bus incident still being reviewed by Washington County Public Schools officials

October 17, 2007|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

HAGERSTOWN - Events that led a kindergartner to get on the wrong bus last week and be dropped off about two miles from his home are still under review, Washington County Public Schools officials said Tuesday.

Board Member Donna Brightman said the board discussed the incident "at length" during a closed session Tuesday. Because the incident concerns personnel matters, Brightman said she was unable to provide further details.

"We are moving forward on that," she said.

Schools Spokesman Will Kauffman said he could not say whether the bus driver or school staff who let 5-year-old Dustin Hammond board the wrong bus were still employed with the school system.

Dustin is a student at Funkstown School for Early Childhood Education.

Kauffman has previously said that the bus driver remained employed, but he said Tuesday that he was unable to provide that information, citing personnel matters.


"If personnel actions are warranted, then the Board of Education would act upon those," he said.

Kauffman has said that a miscommunication between Funkstown staff led Dustin to board the wrong bus. He rode the wrong bus until the second-to-last stop, which was in the Saint James housing development along Sharpsburg Pike.

The bus driver let Dustin off there, about two miles from his home in the Cross Creek development.

The boy later was found wandering in the Food Lion parking lot along Sharpsburg Pike.

Kauffman said as part of the school system's standard operating procedure, the matter is still under review.

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