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October 17, 2007

· Percentage of women-owned firms in Washington County in 2002: 27.2.

· State percentage of women-owned firms in 2002: 31

· Overall numbers of firms in Washington County in 2002: 9,399

The 1997 Economic Census (last modified in July 2001) reported a total of 2,616 women-owned firms in Washington County with $369,732,000 in receipts. Of those, there were 522 firms with paid employees and total sales of $333,155,000. Employer businesses had 3,128 employees with a payroll of $62,981,000.

Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census

· Nationwide, as of 2006, there were an estimated 10.4 million privately held firms in which women held 50 percent or more ownership, accounting for 41 percent of all privately held firms in the United States. These firms generated $1.9 trillion in annual sales and employed 12.8 million people.

· For the past two decades, majority (51 percent or more) women-owned firms have grown at about two times the rate of all firms.


· Women business owners' satisfaction with banking relationships has more than doubled since 1992 (35 percent vs. 82 percent).

· More than half of all women business owners (57 percent) have a line of credit for their business, and 41 percent have a commercial bank loan (as of 2006).

· Women-owned businesses spend an estimated $546 billion annually on salaries and benefits (as of 2006).

· Annual expenditures by women-owned enterprises for just four areas - information technology, telecommunications, human resources services and shipping - were estimated to be $103 billion in 2004.

Source: Center for Women's Business Research

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