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A workout to keep you feeling your best

A workout to keep you feeling your best

October 16, 2007

Photography by KEVIN G. GILBERT

(Angelina Fisher demonstrates the exercises at Gold's Gym on Northern Avenue in Hagerstown.)

Going through your closet you spot that special outfit - you know, the one that hasn't fit you for a couple of years. You'd like to get in shape to wear it, but don't have a lot of time for extensive workouts.

Never fear. Kat Smith, fitness consultant and trainer at Gold's Gym, Hagerstown, has shared with H.E.R. a workout routine you can do in 20-30 minutes at home without a lot of fancy equipment.

If you haven't exercised in a while, consult your physician before beginning the workout program. Drinking plenty of water and breathing properly when exercising is also important, Kat said. If you experience dizziness, nausea or pain when working out, stop immediately.


Beginners or novices should start slowly and "listen" to what their bodies tell them.

Following is a guideline to your at-home workout.



This is primarily a warm-up circuit with these exercises:

1 - Alternating Lunges

From a standing start, with feet hip distance apart, take a giant step forward, drop down and bend back knee, push back up and return to start. Go to alternate leg, then repeat. (20 repetitions)

2 - Pushups on Knees

With hands at least shoulder width apart, drop down so chest is even with elbows, then push back up. (8-12 reps, or more if you can do them)

2B - "T" pushups

As you advance, pushups on toes or "T" pushups are optional.

3 - Step-Up

Step onto a step or platform with your entire foot, alternating legs, while holding weights 8-10 pounds or heavier at your side. (15 repetitions)

4 - Jumping Jacks

Finish up with 20 of these.


1 - Dead Lift-Dead Row Combination

(Knees stay soft, keep abs tight and shoulders back). For Dead Lift, lower weights to knees (tipping from hips), keep back straight, squeeze glutes tight, push through heels to return to start. For Dead Row, tip forward at hips, draw elbows close to sides and bring them up, squeezing shoulder blades. (12-15 reps with 8-12 lb. weights)

2 - Squat and Shoulder Press

For squat, hold weights at shoulder level, then bend knees (keeping knees over toes), drop and lower your rear, making sure it doesn't go below your knees. Come out of the squat and push weights up past ears with palms in. (12-15 reps with 3-5 lb. weights)

Jog in place or high-knee run for 30-60 seconds to finish the circuit.


1 - Bench Dip

Place hands, palm forward, on a raised surface behind you. Keeping shoulders back and abs tight, bend elbows and lower rear toward ground, then push back up and repeat. Keep elbows going toward back, not out. (12-15 reps)

2 - Skater

Start feet together, step out with foot, bring feet together and touch a raised surface in front. Repeat with alternate leg. (Do for 20-30 seconds)

3 - Biceps Curl with Dumbbells

Lift weights from leg level to shoulders, without swinging. (12-15 reps, 3-8 lb. weights)

4 - Mountain Climb

Place hands under shoulders on floor. With body weight on arms, run feet behind you while holding weight forward. Look down, keeping abs tight and shoulders drawn back, back straight and hips down. This is easier on the back if a raised platform is used. (Do for 20-30 seconds)

Allow two minutes of rest, then repeat first three circuits and finish with ab circuit.


1 - Plank

Place elbows under shoulders on floor, push body weight up on toes, using arm between wrist and elbow, keep abs in and backside flat.

Hold for 30 seconds.

If you have lower back problems, perform on knees.

2 - Bicycle

On back, with hands behind head, move legs in bicycle motion. Rotate from shoulders rather than elbows, while keeping abs in and back down. Alternate arms and legs. (Do for 30 seconds)

3 - Reverse Crunch

Start on back, with shoulders away from ears, backside down, keeping heels close to rear. Draw knees into chest, using ab muscles to avoid swinging. (12-15 reps)

Repeat ab circuit after finishing.

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