Here's a chance to Prove it: Take this five-question quiz

October 15, 2007

The following questions are designed to test YOUR knowledge of topics covered in Bobbi Blubaugh's class.

1) What is bone marrow?

a) a calcium salt

b) a substance in bone cavities where blood cells are produced

c) tissue forming the skeleton of humans

d) a 1980s British rock band

2) Which is correct?

a) a lot

b) alot

3) What two parts make a complete sentence?


a) subject and noun

b) participle and adverb

c) pronoun and modifier

d) subject and predicate

4) Which of the following is NOT a purpose for bones?

a) to give bodies shape

b) to keep organs in place

c) to provide support

d) to make knees and elbows bend

5) The difference between ligaments and cartilage is:

a) that cartilage absorbs impact and ligaments connect bones.

b) that cartilage connects bones and ligaments absorb impact.

c) They are the same.

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