Creeping up on Halloween

October 14, 2007|By JULIE E. GREENE

LEITERSBURG - Want to appear ghastly this Halloween?

The Herald-Mail asked Michael Maginnis and Jeremy Snowberger, longtime volunteers at Leitersburg Haunted House, to share some tips and explain how they do their makeup for the haunted house.

Maginnis, 27, of Hagerstown, is the son of Herald-Mail employees Bob and Sandy Maginnis. He said he spent more than $1,000 on props, makeup and costumes to scare horror fans of all ages at this year's haunted house.

Some items are relatively cheap and can be found in a grocery or drugstore. This includes baby powder that Snowberger, 27, a Hagerstown resident who manages Famous Pawnbrokers in Frederick, Md., dumps on his gray color-sprayed hair after completing his makeup.


But some materials, such as Maginnis' black contacts that are larger than normal-sized ones, cost $350, and another pair of 13 mm mirrored contacts with clear pupils cost $500.

The foam latex pieces they use to contour their faces usually cost about $60 each, but can range from $40 to $120, said Snowberger and Maginnis.

Water-removable cream-based makeup is easier to use to apply color to the skin, but Maginnis uses pigmented rubber mask grease so as not to degrade the McLaughlin foam latex.

Some places to look for scary makeup supplies are Paper Plus in the Foxshire Plaza along Dual Highway and online at, and, Maginnis and Snowberger said.

For more information about the Leitersburg Haunted House, which is on Leitersburg-Smithsburg Road in Leitersburg, call its hot line at 301-766-0039.

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Michael Maginnis explains and shows how he makes up his face for the Leitersburg Haunted House.

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