Potato Candy recipe

October 10, 2007

2 large Idaho baking potatoes
1 tablespoon butter (see cook's note)
2 (32-ounce) bags of confectioners' sugar (might want third bag on hand in case potatoes have a more moist consistency)
1 (28-ounce) jar of smooth peanut butter (might want more, depending on how thick you want to spread the peanut butter)

Cook's note: Margarine is not recommended because its consistency isn't as thick as butter.

Peel the potatoes.

Cut the potatoes in uniform, ice cube-sized chunks. Place potatoes in saucepan and cover with water, bringing water to a boil. Boil until fork tender.

Drain water from saucepan.

Using an electric mixer, mash the potatoes to a smooth consistency (takes about 10 minutes). Add the butter as you're mixing the potatoes.

Set aside mashed potatoes to allow them to cool to room temperature.

Place half of the mashed potatoes in a large bowl. Gradually add more and more confectioners' sugar, mixing it in with your hands. The mixture will become soggy. As more confectioners' sugar is mixed in, the mixture becomes the consistency of dough. (You might end up using more than a bag of confectioners' sugar for only half of the mashed potatoes, depending on the water content of the potatoes.)


Dust either a clean kitchen counter or a large cutting board with confectioners' sugar.

Once the mixture has a doughlike consistency, remove it from the bowl and place it on the counter or cutting board.

Add small amounts of confectioners' sugar as you knead the dough until it again reaches a dough consistency. This takes 1 to 2 minutes.

Dust a rolling pin with confectioners' sugar. Roll the mixture into a rectangle so the potato mixture is about 1/4-inch thick or a little thinner.

Spread the peanut butter onto the dough as thick as you'd like it. Broadway spreads enough to cover the dough, but doesn't make it too thick.

Use a turner to pick up the edge of the short-end of the rectangle so you can get your fingers under the potato mixture. Roll the mixture up, as if making a jellyroll.

Set this roll aside as you prepare the second half of the mashed potatoes. Once that is done, cut the rolls in half so you have two shorter rolls to work with.

Take each roll and, with your hands along the top of the dough roll, roll the mixture so it becomes longer with a shorter diameter. You want the end result to have a diameter about half that of the original roll.

Using a serrated knife, slice the roll, creating pieces of potato candy that are about 1/2-inch thick.

Store the candy, covered with plastic wrap, at room temperature.

Broadway recommends eating the candy within two days or it becomes hard.

Makes approximately 120 pieces.

- Courtesy of Alsetta Broadway of Hagerstown

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