Fall fun show held at Ag Center

4-Hers compete in various riding divisions

4-Hers compete in various riding divisions

October 09, 2007|By MARK JOHNSON / Saddles 'n' Spurs Reporter

The Saddles 'n' Spurs 4-H Club held its annual fall fun show at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center on Saturday, Sept. 15.

In all, 35 riders showed up ready for lots of fun and games. They weren't disappointed.

The competition was at three skill levels.

The walk division was for people who had just started riding and were not ready for a faster pace. The show classes that walk riders competed in were pleasure, equitation and trail. They also had a fun timed set of classes that included the sock toss, poles, 50 Yard Dash and Keyhole.

New 4-Her Brianne Selders was having such a fun time at her first show, she didn't want to leave.

Trophy winners in the walk divisions were: Hallie Erfourth of Brunswick, Md., on EAF Nobel Emotion; Brianne Selders of Maugansville, on Never Wuza Rebel; Sarah Lynn of Boonsboro, on Mac; and Nova Boward of Williamsport, on Peachy Keen.


The beginner divisions were for riders who could trot but were not ready to canter in a competitive situation.

In addition to these classes, these riders did Chinese Fire Drill, Water Carry, Command and Break, Sword, Mug Race, Vegetable Dash, Flag Race and Barrels. They found that trotting while carrying a cup of water can be a pretty wet experience.

Champion and Reserve Champion winners in the three Beginner Divisions were Kiley Slimmer of Myersville, Md., on Only My Terms; Nathan Johnson, of Keedysville on Peachy Keen; and Linda Dewitt of Shepherdstown, W.Va., on Zen.

Then, there were the open divisions. This was for those who have more experience.

Their class list was the same as for the beginners, except that each required them to canter. These riders agreed that every class was a fun class.

Champion and Reserve Champion riders in the three open divisions were: Marie Grossnickle of Myersville, on Mocha; Laikyn Cook of Hagerstown, on Robin's Mayleigh; Katrin Boniface of Boonsboro, on Dizzy Devil; and Jessie Williams of Hagerstown, on Lightning.

Two jumping divisions required riders to jump three different courses as quickly as possible.

In the low jumper division, the Champion was Katie Wolf of Kearneysville, W.Va., on Cherries in the Snow, and the Reserve Champion was Mark Johnson of Keedysville, on Never Wuza Rebel.

In the high jumper division, the Champion was Katrin Boniface of Boonsboro, on Dizzy Devil. The Reserve Champion was Anna Hoover of Boonsboro, on Robin's Painted Hood.

The 4-H organization promotes teamwork and so did the pairs division. Teams of two riders competed in the ribbon race, baton pass, pony express and rider rescue.

The Champion Team was Marie Grossnickle of Myersville, Md., on Mocha and Melissa Bowman of Thurmont, Md., on Taffy. The Reserve Champion Team was Anneke Tingle of Keedysville, on Macarona and Jessie Williams of Hagerstown, on Lightning.

Fun lunchtime activities included bareback dollar, stick horse races and an awesome cake walk where 11 lucky individuals won cakes.

Thanks to River City Feed, which donated a bucket of great horse prizes. Lilli Sutton was the raffle winner.

If you have a horse-loving kid between the ages of 8 and 18, check out 4-H by calling 301-791-1404.

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