NFL still able to surprise fans

October 09, 2007|By ROBERT KELLER / Pulse Correspondent

Week 5 of the NFL season has ended, and there are still teams who are undefeated and teams who are winless. At this point, it is still difficult to determine which teams will go to the playoffs and which ones won't. The next few weeks will be important to many teams as they fight their way to the top.

The best game this week was the Miami at Houston game. The Dolphins came into this game winless and looked to get their first win. After the Dolphins had put up 16 points, it was a complete field goal battle from there. Texans kicker Kris Brown nailed the game-winning 57-yard field goal to bring the Texans to 3-2 and keep the Dolphins winless at 0-5.

Some of the other games included Detroit at Washington, Baltimore at San Francisco, and Seattle at Pittsburgh. Washington stomped on the Lions 34-3, Baltimore had a weak victory with a score of 9-7, and Pittsburgh shut out Seattle 21-0.


I went 1-3 with my picks this week, so my record thus far is 7-9. I predicted Tampa Bay over Indianapolis, but Indy won 33-14. I also predicted Seattle over Pittsburgh and Detroit over Washington. I did pick the Baltimore game correctly.

This week, I pick Baltimore over St. Louis, Green Bay over Washington, Dallas to give 5-0 New England its first loss, and Houston to have enough to beat Jacksonville.

Green Bay has looked really good this season and could beat Washington easily if the Packers play like they can. Houston has looked sharp and quarterback Matt Schaub has not thrown many interceptions. His ball control could help Houston beat Jacksonville. As for New England and Dallas, it was hard to choose a winner. They are both really good teams.

But then there are plenty of bad teams. Miami, St. Louis and New Orleans are the three winless teams as of right now.

How long will the winless streak go for some of the teams in the NFL? As long as they continue playing like they have been, it might go on for a while.

The New Orleans Saints' record comes as a surprise since they went 10-6 last season and made it into the playoffs. The Saints will be able to pull off a victory. They just need to pull it together and get that offense going again. Meanwhile, Miami might not have a win in its immediate future. The Dolphins have a tough schedule remaining and might not be able to raise the offense to pull off a win. The St. Louis Rams are more of an enigma. They are pretty beat up with injuries, but there are a few games that they stand a chance at winning. If they play hard and don't give up, they can gather at least one win.

The next few weeks could bring about a few more surprises and shocks as more teams in the NFL begin to step up and play hard.

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