Clear Spring's garden club scares up festive idea for Halloween

October 09, 2007|By MARLO BARNHART

CLEAR SPRING - One fall, Clear Spring Garden Club President Cindy Downs was in Waynesboro, Pa., when she noticed scarecrows on display in the downtown.

What a great idea, she thought, so she brought it up at a club meeting. "We could do that," Downs said.

This year, the club promoted the idea among the citizenry just in time for Halloween.

"We got about 14 entries," Downs said, a little disappointed there weren't more. "But it was our first year."

Club treasurer Linda McNamee chaired the committee.

The rules included that the scarecrows couldn't reflect controversial political or social subject matter, nor could they have signs doing the same.

The club members made five scarecrows of their own, although they weren't eligible to participate in the competition.

"Pam Briggs, one of our members, showed us how to make them," Downs said.

Once the scarecrows were erected on light poles throughout the downtown-Cumberland Street area, viewers were eligible to vote for their favorites in several categories.


The voting took place at the L.P. Snyder Memorial Library.

Leigh Snyder won the "Awesome Award" for her rendition of Baby Jessica and her Mama.

Colleen Cashell and Scott Morris took the honors for Scaredy Cat in the "Unique Award" category.

Jean Clark from Curves was the creator of Sally, which won the "Judge's Choice Award."

Voting will continue through the end of October for the People's Choice Award. Ballots are available at the library.

The intent was to decorate Clear Spring by hanging the scarecrows from light poles in town. Organizations and businesses were challenged to create a life-sized scarecrow that represented their sponsorship.

The challenge was to let their creative juices flow, Downs said.

Residents were advised to use insoluble material to stuff the scarecrows so they wouldn't be adversely affected by wet weather.

Suggestions for hair and head materials ranged from stuffed pillowcases, gourds, yard, a broom, corn, shredded plastic, moss, raffia or old mops.

Nylon and polyester were the fabrics of choice.

To find out the People's Choice Award winner, call the Clear Spring Garden Club at 301-842-1427 after the end of October.

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