A skull is just a skull

October 09, 2007|By EVA NIESSNER / Pulse Correspondent


According to the new dress code at North Hagerstown High School, clothing and jewelry with skulls on it is considered offensive.

This is something completely beyond my understanding.

First of all, it was put in place without much publicity. Second, students ignore it, and I haven't seen teachers discipline the students who break the rule. And third, I don't get the point.

Why exactly is a part of the human skeleton so dangerous? Does it represent murder? I own plenty of clothing with skulls on it, and so do my friends. But we're good kids - we do our homework, participate in extracurriculars and don't get in trouble. Yet somehow wearing skulls makes us criminal?


When I wear skulls, I am not saying, "I am going to kill someone, do drugs or discriminate against a group of people." I am reflecting my idea of style through a slightly morbid but essentially harmless symbol. A skull isn't like a swastika - I don't see anyone taking offense.

Also, I don't see anything unnatural or frightening about skulls. Does this mean there can't be skeletons in the science rooms now?

And, oh, by the way, sexual organs are shown in science classrooms, but if two students came to school, one person wearing a skull and another person wearing a sexual organ, needless to say, students and teachers are going to be much more offended by the latter - and not really offended at all by the skull.

Skulls are definitely a fashion statement, but it's not quite the same as toting a gun under your shirt. In my opinion, if the administration isn't freaking out over the issues and the students aren't affected by it, it's not going to hurt anyone if I happen to wear my shoes with little colored skulls on them tomorrow.

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