When in doubt, go back to your roots

October 04, 2007|By BIG SYDNEY

The time has finally come.

This is the day that one of the most amazing streaks in all of sports comes to an end.

I, Big Sydney, admit I have nothing to write about.

Now, wait, wait there. I know there are many of you out there who have said I haven't been able to write about anything for the last 35 years.

OK, you might be right, but all you Seinfeld fans didn't mind when he admitted that his show was about nothing. It worked for him.

My mind just keeps wondering and can't seem to find a subject to stay on.

I'm sitting here thinking about all sorts of things, like:

I wonder if the Baltimore Ravens have trouble in the red zone because it clashes with their purple uniforms?

Why should I worry about looking for all the little edges to pick the right teams every week? All I need is the NFL fashion report. If the team is wearing a throwback uniform, pick them to win. None of those guys wants to be caught dead standing still in those things. No wonder football players were so tough back then.


Is it safe to say that Michael Vick's career can be characterized as "dog meat?"

Is the word "Hagerstown" German for "winless football?"

Does Tank Johnson have a shot with the Cowboys?

I just can't find a good subject to write an insightful column about this week.

How am I going to shake this feeling?

Ahh, I got it.

When in doubt, go back to your roots.

I got down in a three-point stance, pulled out of the guard slot and ran over Mark Twain, Tom Clancy and Stephen King.

It was my way to get rid of my writers' block.

On with the predictions. Last week: 10-8 (.556). Season: 64-23 (.736).



South Hagerstown 41, Clear Spring 13

North Hagerstown 19, Winters Mill 14

Smithsburg 31, Walkersville 20

Williamsport 20, Brunswick 13

Martinsburg 47, Hedgesville 12

Berkeley Springs 38, Moorefield 21

Bridgeport 33, Musselman 18

Waynesboro 28, James Buchanan 13

Greencastle 34, Susquenita 23


Hancock 22, West Nottingham 12

Bishop McDevitt 37, Chambersburg 10

Boonsboro 38, South Carroll 13

St. James 31, Flint Hill 19

Fort Hill 27, Jefferson 20

Blair Academy 34, Mercersburg Academy 16



Georgia Tech 24, Maryland 20

West Virginia 40, Syracuse 13

Penn State 31, Iowa 21

Shepherd 28, Charleston 7



Steelers 24, Seahawks 13

Lions 33, Redskins 17

Ravens 23, 49ers 17

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