Boy Scout Troop 2 holds Court of Honor

October 03, 2007

Boy Scout Troop 2, of Hagerstown, held its Court of Honor on Aug. 11 at the Washington County Regional Park near Black Rock Golf Course.

Scouts receiving awards were:

· Cory Beatty - Forestry, Electricity, Fish and Wildlife, Weather, Fire Safety, and Plumbing merit badges

· Andrew Creager - Swimming, Canoeing, Rifle and Fingerprinting merit badges

· Richard Harbaugh - Personal Management, Wilderness Survival, Canoeing, Fingerprinting, Mammal Study, Rowing merit badges and Star rank

· Grant Starkey - Wood Carving, Canoeing, Mammal Study, Orienteering and Rowing merit badges

· Peter Black - Family life, Citizenship in the World, Personal Fitness, Plumbing merit badges and Life rank

· Matthew Clifford - Family Life and Personal Fitness merit badges

· Quinn Hoover - Soil and Water Conservation, Wilderness survival, Electricity, Mammal Study and Plumbing merit badges

· Kevin Schaefer - Personal Management and Plumbing merit badges and Star rank


· Shawn Schaefer - Forestry merit badge

· Christopher Resh - Rifle, Archery, Art, Insect Study, Pioneering, Plumbing and Fire Safety merit badges

· Sean Cremins - Rifle, Archery, Cooking, Music, Pioneering and Plumbing merit badges

· Caleb Edwards - Rifle, Archery, Art, Insect Study and Pioneering merit badges

· Deven Boppe - Archery and Photography merit badges

· Christian Rudisill - Swimming, Plumbing, First Aid, totin Chip and Firem' chit

· Eli Roberts - Weather, Wood Carving, Fire Safety, Fish and Wildlife, Emergency Preparedness and Radio merit badges

· Justin Mumma - Second Silver Palm and third Bronze Palm

Earning 50-miler awards were Alan Weaver, Adam Weaver, Peter Black, Sean Cremins, Justin Mumma and Bob Mumma.

Troop 2 is sponsored by Otterbein Church of Hagerstown.

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