Favre sets record

columnist stays even

October 02, 2007|By ROBERT KELLER

Records have been broken and games have been lost in this fourth week of NFL football. Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre broke the record for the most career touchdown passes with his 421st in this week's game against Minnesota. He went on to throw No. 422. This will not be the only record broken this season, I'm sure.

The most exciting game this week was between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals. Pittsburgh entered the game 3-0, while Arizona entered 1-2. Pittsburgh was favored to win, and it looked like they would when they scored first, 7-0. However, Arizona rallied to score a touchdown in the third quarter and two in the fourth. Pittsburgh attempted to come back but failed, losing 21-14.

I went 2-2 with my picks this week. I picked Houston over Atlanta and Baltimore over Cleveland. The Texans had a winning record before losing to Atlanta, 26-16. Baltimore got beat by Cleveland. Jamal Lewis, the Ravens' former running back, scored a touchdown for the Browns, who won 27-13.


But I picked the Cardinals over the Steelers, and Indianapolis beat Denver, 38-20. That brings my record on predictions for the year to 6-6. The four games I'll look at this week are: Detroit at Washington; Seattle at Pittsburgh; Tampa Bay at Indianapolis; and Baltimore at San Francisco.

My picks are Detroit, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Baltimore.

Tampa Bay has been playing well - the Buccaneers beat the Carolina Panthers 20-7 on Sunday - so the Bucs could stand a chance against the Colts.

I've noticed that some of the really bad teams from last season have been performing well this season. Detroit, which was 3-13 last season, is 3-1 so far. The Lions beat Chicago 37-27 on Sunday. Houston, which was 6-10 last season, still has a decent record at 2-2.

There are other teams doing well that have been unexpected. This is turning into the season of surprises.

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