Portion control

October 01, 2007

A big part of Doug Hutzell's successful weight loss was portion control. Hutzell said, sometimes, before the weight loss, he ate two dinners.

Here are some examples of his meals before and now.

Before: a garden salad, a large soda, a large pizza and a few extra slices

Now: a garden salad, four slices of pizza and water

Before: three burgers or sandwiches, two large orders of fries, a McFlurry ice cream dessert and a large Coke ordered through the McDonald's drive-through

Now: one sandwich, large order of french fries and a bottled water or lemonade, ordered by walking into McDonald's

Before: skipped breakfast

Now: bowl of Cheerios with skim milk and sliced banana

Before: about 7/10 pound of spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, garden salad, a dessert and a large soda

Now: about 2/10 pound of spaghetti with meat sauce, garden salad and water or cranberry juice; seldom with dessert


Before: two sandwiches, pretzels or potato chips, and large soda

Now: one sandwich, two sourdough hard pretzels, water and sometimes fruit

Before: foot-long cheese steak with a large order of french fries and a large soda

Now: half a cheese steak with water or skim milk

Before: for a snack, five to six candy bars

Now: occasionally has one candy bar

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