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October 01, 2007
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"With Christmas coming, buyer beware, the toys you buy from China and any other foreign country - basically China - you know they're not safe, and plus of a lot of other things. Something should tell our government that they're trying to kill us all, but they're too dumb to see it. By the old word that the communists is going to take over the U.S. without firing a shot is probably coming true."

"I just went to a NASCAR race. There was 140,000 fans there - no fighting, no rioting. Everybody got along. I guess NASCAR fans are really nice, but every time I go to a basketball game - I've been to the University of West Virginia, I've been to Maryland's basketball game, I even been to a couple of pro games - and every time I go, it seems like a fight always breaks out between the fans or the players. I just want to know why is this? Why does it always happen during basketball games, but it seem like NASCAR, everybody gets along. Please let me know."


- Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

"I'm calling about paying a fee to get in to the Washington County school games. I just recently had to pay over $13 to get into a football game at Clear Spring, and the game was canceled - so do we get our refund? Obviously not. No money was given when we had to go back out the gate. I think that our county commissioners need to look big into all the money that our schools receive to see that there really is not a need for extra money to go to our school system. We just need good budgeting and management of all moneys that the schools earn - PTSA, club events, all of them."

- Smithsburg

"Herald-Mail, Sept. 28, nice article on a newspaper, on A7 and other things in there about The Herald-Mail and its history. I thought it was a good article. Also, I wish Bush and that Congress would go pass something other than the continued resolution on the budget. Where have they been since September of last year? Here we had to do a continued resolution to keep government open to Nov. 16. Give me a break."

- Leitersburg

"Concerning the Maryland child support and the $25 annual fee, I think it's kind of ridiculous, because for a single parent like myself, it's hard enough to make ends meet, and then here they're taking more money away from the child. So I wish they would change things, but I don't think that's gonna happen. It's probably only gonna get worse."

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