Marriage licenses for August 2007

September 27, 2007

Sean Thomas Strobel, 31, and Maria Teresa Longerbeam, 37, both of Williamsport.

Kevin D. Barnhart, 33, and Jamie Lee Pearson, 25, both of Hagerstown.

Wayne Lee Dickey Jr., 32, of Needmore, Pa., and Tammy Jean Bowers, 42, of Hancock.

James Brian Shaffer, 29, and Michelle Rae Spielman, 26, both of Boonsboro.

Mark Howard Schlosser, 27, and Trisha Amanda Mauk, 25, both of Hagerstown.

Craig Eugene Dillman, 47, of Myersville, Md., and Melissa Anne Jones, 40, of Hagerstown.

Robert Ragland III, 23, and Cheree Nicole Lowman, 21, both of Hagerstown.

Todd Matthew May, 34, and Donna Marie Vanoy, 30, both of Hagerstown.

Robert Duncan Morton, 41, and Mary Kathyrn Marquez, 42, both of Smithsburg.

Johnathan Christopher Barile, 18, and Alicia Michele Antoniw, 17, both of Joppa, Md.


Carl Luther Drury III, 20, of Clear Spring, and Renee Lynn Moore, 20, of Hagerstown.

James Ray Rhinehart, 54, and Linda Gail Bowman, 56, both of Hagerstown.

Freddie Lynn Hunt Sr., 43, and Faye Marie Peer, 57, both of Woodstock, Va.

Alvin Lee Korns, 61, of Hagerstown, and Roberta Elaine Karson, 58, of Johnstown, Pa.

Chadwick Brent Fugate, 36, and Donna June Rudolph, 31, both of Hagerstown.

Jeffery Len Stump, 41, and Adaline Elizabeth Baughman, 28, both of Hagerstown.

Gerad Lee Haupt, 23, of Hagers-town, and Diane Christine Caudill, 22, of Boonsboro.

Fred Robert Seville Jr., 53, of Smithsburg, and Nora Sue Miller, 42, of Altoona, Pa.

Abraham Eugene Boyd, 25, and Shannon Leighann Boyd, 21, both of Hagerstown.

Edward Scott Triplett, 25, of Bothell, Wash., and Diana Elizabeth Fisher, 24, of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Gregory Joseph Johnson, 33, and Rhonda Eugenia Penley, 29, both of Hagerstown.

David Matthew Doran, 22, of Brookline, Mass., and June Margareth Brindley, 21, of Boston.

Joshua Jonathan Williams, 28, of Columbus, Ohio, and Kathryn Elizabeth Michael, 25, of Williamsport.

Peter Brodis Brown, 60, and Monique Remelle Gee, 47, both of Hedgesville, W.Va.

Kyle West Lingg, 26, and Katie Jane Cantler, 22, both of Hagerstown.

Jon David Snyder, 27, and Teri Jo Barkdoll, 24, both of Smithsburg.

Randy Lee Hose Jr., 30, of Clear Spring, and Shannon Marie Hernandez, 29, of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Thomas James NcNeill, 39, and Stephanie Denise Diggs, 41, both of Hagerstown.

Michael Richard Pearson, 47, and Angel Verona Bowers, 35, both of Hagerstown.

William Andrew Foester, 37, and Barbara Ann Socks, 38, both of Hedgesville, W.Va.

Jerry Anthony Aravanis Jr., 43, and Norma Jean Happel, 46, both of Hagerstown.

William Anthony Turner Jr., 33, and Crystal Nicole Levy, 33, both of Hagerstown.

Douglas Allen Guessford, 22, and Amy Kristena Evans, 25, both of Hagerstown.

Hugh Hammond Schindel II, 44, and Sherri Diane Benner, 47, both of Williamsport.

Jesse Dean Hutchinson, 28, and Quinn Nicole Palmer, 24, both of Hagerstown.

Daryl Dwayne Barkdoll, 39, and Sarah Ann Summers, 29, both of Hagerstown.

Terrance Lee Cross, 46, and Carol Ann Murray, 47, both of Hancock.

Brian Wayne Kennan, 29, and Ashley Marie Shaff, 22, both of Waynesboro, Pa.

Paul Vernon Chiles, 58, of Inwood, W.Va., and Bonnie Marie Gregory, 59, of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Eric Ward Amrhein, 37, and Erica Ann Dove, 32, both of Ashburn, Va.

Ronald Franz Jacoby, 65, of Martinsburg, W.Va., and Linda Frey Barkdoll, 59, of Hagerstown.

Gilbert Nathaniel Milburn, 63, and Patricia Lou Churchey, 66, both of Sharpsburg.

Philip Allan Meier, 27, and Bethany Mae Tremmel, 26, both of Hagerstown.

Larry Michael Keebaugh, 44, of Warfordsburg, Pa., and Robin Deann Rea, 40, of Hagerstown.

Sean Kenneth Pettner, 25, and Melissa Elizabeth Nair, 22, both of Hagerstown.

Paul Matthew Strother, 26, and Linda Sue Poole, 25, both of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Thomas Hamilton Ridgley, 30, and Kathleen Schaller Smith, 29, both of Frederick, Md.

Bradley Scott Barr, 25, and Diana Lynn Fuentes, 24, both of Westminster, Md.

Kenneth Lee Funk, 44, of Falling Waters, W.Va., and Khya Leigh Filip, 35, of Clear Spring.

David Lee Tumblin, 55, and Jacqueline Ann Blizzard, 52, both of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Jason Lee Babb, 35, and Jennifer Danell Swartz, 29, both of Hagerstown.

Robert Allen Bender, 53, and Verlinda Maria Helmuth, 52, both of Chambersburg, Pa.

Derrick Levar Thurston, 25, and Brenda Lee Delgado, 24, both of Hagerstown.

Joshua Benjamin Brunson, 16, and Emily Mae Jernigan, 16, both of Suches, Ga.

Derek Omar Newton Sr., 36, and Heather Leih Durff, 26, both of Frederick, Md.

Herbert William, 33, and Vanessa Lynn Jones, 27, both of Phildelphia.

Charles William Haller, 42, and Tammy Lynn Klosterman, 46, both of Knoxville, Md.

Roger Eugene Neff III, 24, and Patricia Ann Miller, 38, both of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Anthony Wayne Pomfrey Sr., 45, and Beverly Jean Mitchell, 40, both of Clear Spring.

Thomas Leon Donahue III, 46, and Dorothy Margaret Hopher, 46, both of Hancock.

Elio Argueta-Gonzalez, 26, and Dina Elizabeth Saravia-Fuentes, 29, both of Hagerstown.

Donald Craig Eichelberger, 34, and Jessica Erin Cutchall, 25, both of Smithsburg.

George Elmer Snyder Jr., 55, and Margaret Clark Wade, 58, both of Hagerstown.

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