Syd busted filming Fearless Forecasters

September 27, 2007|By BIG SYDNEY

Competition is the essence of my life.

I've always been that way. I've always wanted to be first, be it in choosing games or in the buffet line. I've always wanted to have the most, be it choosing games or in the buffet line.

It started early in life at Dargan Elementary when I was placing odds on kickball games and giving cross body blocks to get the extra cookies after nap time.

I still get a lot of grief over the crackback I laid on my teacher because she tried to run an option with the last Oreo.


I'm compulsive about it all. That drive to be the best drove me to the limit. It resulted in an investigation of my picking practices by the NFL - not that one. It's the No Forecasting Lightly, which explains the need to be first at the buffet line.

They caught me. The need to be the best prognosticator had me doing things I normally wouldn't.

I had cameras placed all around The Herald-Mail sports department, filming as those refugees from a mail-order university tried to pick the winners.

I ran out to Dargan's local detergent, outhouse fixture and camera store - Soapy Bathtub Film - and bought all the hand-held and hidden cameras I could find.

I was filming every move. Every twitch. Every expression. Every motion. Just to get the edge on those guys.

Did you know that Parasiliti closes his eyes and points when he's picking?

Or that Kauffman takes off his baseball cap and rubs his balding head for luck when he takes a home team?

Or that Koelble picks his teams by the way he drives the ball while he's playing golf? A hook is for the visitors and a slice goes to the home team.

Yanos picks 'em by the jockeys - er - quarterback. And Mason, the resident track enthusiast, chooses by which team has the best running game.

I was caught, but I got off easy. They just took away all the video equipment and told me not to do it again.

I had the best defense for beating the rap.

I told them that I was just trying to match Keller.

They just looked at the standings in the paper and granted me an insanity plea.

On with the predictions. Last week: 20-3 (.870). Season: 54-15 (.783).



North Hagerstown 23, Liberty 13

South Hagerstown 26, Williamsport 20

Boonsboro 21, Francis Scott Key 12

Smithsburg 48, Clear Spring 12

Hancock 27, Elkton Christian 13

Jefferson 23, Musselman 18

Altoona 44, Chambersburg 14

Milton Hershey 30, Waynesboro 19

Camp Hill 31, James Buchanan 13

Greencastle 38, Big Spring 6


St. James 27, Potomac 23

Mercersburg 33, Lawrenceville 16



West Virginia 28, South Florida 20


Rutgers 37, Maryland 21

Penn State 31, Illinois 17

Shepherd 38, Seton Hill 24


Ravens 24, Browns 16

Steelers 31, Cardinals 14

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