Council backs high school building plan

September 25, 2007|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - A land development plan for an expansion of Chambersburg Area Senior High School was approved Monday night by the Chambersburg Borough Council.

The plan for the $73.8 million project, reviewed by the council two weeks ago and placed on the consent agenda for Monday's meeting, was passed without discussion.

The council also approved an agreement with the school district for traffic signals and recreational improvements. The Chambersburg School Board previously voted to approve the agreement, which calls for the borough to undertake "a program of additions and renovations to its recreational facilities, which may be used by school district students."

The facilities that would be improved were not specified in the agreement, but the district would contribute $700,000 from the high school construction budget for the work.


The council has heard presentations on a number of improvements wanted by the Recreation Department that runs to several million dollars, including renovations and upgrades to the municipal pool and Henninger Field, where the Chambersburg Trojans baseball team has played for decades.

In exchange for the recreational improvements paid for by the district, the borough will get permits from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and install improved traffic signals at two intersections in the area of the school by August 2010.

The consent agenda also included permit applications for the borough to install flashing warning lights on South Sixth and East McKinley streets in the area of the high school. The consent agenda also called for a letter from the school district requesting Tolbert Avenue be made one-way going west from Sixth to Fifth streets be forwarded to the borough's Parking, Traffic and Street Light Committee.

The high school project is supposed to be ready to go out for bids in November with construction scheduled to begin in May, Superintendent Joseph Padasak said earlier this month. The project is supposed to be completed by September 2011.

The 52-year-old school will be more than doubled in size with a new three-story academic wing along Tolbert Avenue, another gymnasium and extensive renovations to the rest of the building. Additionally, it calls for the demolition of a storage building to help increase off-street parking to more than 2,000 spaces at the more than 30-acre campus.

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