Powerful songs, but a bit long

September 25, 2007|By EVA NIESSNER

CD review

Any fan of past work of HIM has likely been anticipating Sept. 18 - the release date of their sixth studio album, "Venus Doom."

The album was worth the wait.

The opening song - the title track - throws the listener into a fierce blaze of guitars and dark, lush descriptions of love and death. This sets the mood for the next eight tracks.

A warning to the easily bored: These are long songs. Only one track is less than 4 minutes long, and one exceeds 10.


Songs on HIM's latest CD all tend to fit in the love-death-guitar format but manage to remain independent and unique. While morbid, the songs often ring with a liveliness of vocals and music that balances out the dark lyrics. "Bleed Well," in particular, is an incredibly bright tune.

The only complaint I have about this CD is the lengthiness of the songs. This just seems impractical unless you really love them.

Other than that, HIM has put together another great album. I've discovered a few new favorites on this album, and the entire mood is a dead-ringer for what goes on in the mind of a teenager.

The fierceness of "Venus Doom" will please HIM's following and add plenty of new fans.

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