Police seek help finding stealthy burglar in W.Va.

September 25, 2007|By DAVE McMILLION

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - The person is "stealthy," looking for an unlocked window to open.

The burglar then hunts for money inside the house and slips out a door.

The elusive thief has struck eight or nine homes in the southern part of Charles Town since June, and Charles Town Police Chief Barry Subelsky is asking for the public's help in nabbing the burglar.

The burglar scopes out homes in the early-morning hours looking for open windows, Subelsky said Monday.

The person will remove window screens and enter, looking only for cash and not bothering items that could be pawned, like cameras or video games, Subelsky said.

In some cases, purses have been found outside with credit cards still in them, Subelsky said.

Subelsky said he wants city residents to be aware of the burglaries because he is worried what could happen if the person confronts someone in a house.


"This is a very bold burglar," Subelsky said. "It's very difficult to catch somebody like this, as stealthy as they are."

Most of the burglaries have occurred in homes along streets in the southern part of town, including Samuel and Seminary streets, Subelsky said.

Subelsky is suggesting that people keep doors and windows locked. The person has entered some homes through doors, Subelsky said.

And if people want to keep windows open with screens, Subelsky suggests that homeowners put pins in them so they can be minimally opened.

Subelsky also suggested people use double-cylinder deadbolt locks on doors.

As opposed to deadbolt locks that can be opened from the inside, double-cylinder deadbolt locks require a key to be opened from the inside, Subelsky said.

Anyone with information about the burglaries may call city police at 304-725-2714.

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