Pa. borough wants to sell 'ancient' parking meters

September 21, 2007|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Officials with the Borough of Waynesboro are looking for a way to sell old parking meters to collectors.

Many of the meters set aside for sale accept pennies, while others take nickels and dimes.

A stumbling block in the way, though, is a state law that requires municipalities to sell items as a lot if together they would be valued at more than $200.

Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger said he is working with the borough council's solicitor to determine a legal way to sell the meters individually and locally.

"We want to permit individual buyers to come in and buy them instead of some guy from New York," Hamberger said.


Mayor Richard Starliper said he has been contacted by people who want to buy them for private collections.

Hamberger wouldn't wager a guess as to the age of the meters, only saying that they are "ancient." About 100 are kept in storage.

"There are some of those meters that are at least 30 years old because they've been on Main Street since before I came on council," Starliper said.

In 2005, a case in western Pennsylvania shed light on a state law requiring triennial inspection of parking meters. The inspection requirement caught several Franklin County municipalities by surprise, and Waynesboro has since switched to digital meters.

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