Pharmacist wins state award

September 20, 2007|By JANET HEIM

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Name: Brian Hose

Age: 28

Occupation: Pharmacist at Boonsboro Pharmacy/Sharpsburg Pharmacy

Hometown: Near Maugansville

Where would you see Hose? Hose, who started working for Boonsboro Pharmacy/Sharpsburg Pharmacy in 2006, splits his time between the two stores. He was recently named the 2007 Distinguished Young Pharmacist of the Year in Maryland.

The award, sponsored by the Pharmacists Mutual Companies, is presented annually to a pharmacist in each state for individual excellence and outstanding contributions in state pharmacy association activities, community affairs and in professional practice, Hose said.


A 1996 graduate of North Hagerstown High School, Hose received his undergraduate degree from Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) and earned his doctor of pharmacy degree from University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in 2006.

While still a pharmacy student, Hose met Gary Haas, owner of Boonsboro Pharmacy/Sharpsburg Pharmacy, two years in a row at pharmacy conventions in Boston and Florida. During the Florida convention, held in the year Hose would be graduating, Haas offered him a job.

Both Hose and his wife, Stacey, have family in Washington County. She is a lab technician at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

The couple, who married in 2002, were interested in returning home. Hose said he wanted to work for an independent pharmacy, instead of a chain.

"Gary's given me the opportunity to do the things I want to do," Hose said. "...At an independent store, the focus is on more time on the patient."

Hose is one of four full-time and several part-time pharmacists at the two pharmacies.

It's been a good fit, allowing Hose the flexibility to schedule flu shot clinics he wanted to do, as well as participate in a program called P3 in Cumberland.

P3 is a trial program paid for by employers where pharmacists work one-on-one with diabetic patients to make sure they're taking their medications regularly and help educate the patients. Hose is currently working with six to seven patients on a monthly basis.

Hose serves as a trustee with the Maryland Pharmacists Association and is involved with the Maryland Pharmacy Coalition. He is also the chair of the MPhA's legislative committee and helps organize Maryland Pharmacy Legislative Day, even when he was a student.

Hobbies: "I try to ride my bike as much as I can," Hose said.

His time is currently tied up with the construction of the couple's house near Clear Spring. He and his brother, who is a firefighter in Cumberland, are doing some of the work, including putting in the electrical conduits and the flooring.

"It's become a full-time job on my days off," Hose said.

What does Hose like best about Washington County? "It's just nice to feel like you know where everything is. It's not so big, so vast that you can't take it in," Hose said. "Things are a little slower paced. You can tell just driving. People are in less of a hurry. You drive past farms and fields instead of beltway."

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