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A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

September 20, 2007

"The government's had their hands in milk now, like the oil companies."

That just makes me want to give up dairy products.

"I'd like for someone with the city government or someone of knowledge to explain."

Well, make up you mind. Which do you want?

"Those of us that live out here in the country would prefer you keep your groundhogs to yourself."

- Boonsboro

Isn't everyone entitled to their own groundhog? Or is it 'Opinions are like groundhogs; everybody has one'? I guess I'm confused.

"I suggest you stop listening to the far-right, left-wing liberals and listen (just to be fair) to Fox News."

Now I'm really confused.

"I do agree that people that have animals - any kind, dog, cats - they need to be kept inside. They are not an outside animal."


I say keep all the people inside. That way the world might be safer for the animals that are outside.

"You can solve a lot of the obesity problems in this country, children and adults, if you stop putting elastic on all the waistbands. Anybody who wants to get bigger can. If anything, get the elastic out of the stores and wear zippers like they did in the old days, with buttons and zippers." - Hagerstown

I might be wrong, but I don't think it's elastic that makes people fat, but potato chips, especially those giant bags that are big enough to get your head so far inside that the salt gets into your eyes and makes you cry. Not that I would have any personal experience with such a thing.

"I hope the Chili Cowboys are at this year's Hagerstown Suns Chili Cook-off. The guys are really great." - Hagerstown

If the Chili Cowboys had to cook their chili over a campfire on a cold night on the open range, would they have to change their name to the Chilly Cowboys?

"Most theologians agree, the Sixth Commandment states 'Thou shall not murder,' not 'Thou shall not kill.' There is a big difference." - Halfway

Which probably matters more to the theologians than to the people who get killed.

"High five" to these callers:

"I just want to thank all the couples in Saturday's paper who put in their anniversary, and they show beautiful pictures of their wedding day and how they look now. It's nice to see there are still couples who are married 25, 40, 50 years or more. It's wonderful to see it in the paper. Thank you." - Halfway

"Did I truly just read correctly that they 'might consider' doing background checks on volunteers in the education system?

"If someone is allowed around our children, should they not have a background check, or should we truly allow just anybody that wants to walk into the schools where our children are to just go ahead and walk in the door?

"People need to get it together. The problem is we don't pay enough attention to our children as it is. We can always pay attention to the people that are around them." - Boonsboro

Answers to frequently asked questions:

In response to various comments about the need for a post office in the South End of Hagerstown, I called the main post office in Hagerstown at 301-797-8100.

I was told that while there are no plans to reopen the post office at South End Shopping Center, the U.S. Postal Service is in the process of trying to find another location for a post office in the South End of Hagerstown.

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