I won't wrap it up until I've had my say

September 20, 2007|By BIG SYDNEY

After almost 40 years, you are going to see a lot less of me soon.

No, I'm not retiring. I couldn't leave any of you out there with all the pretenders and sharp objects. And no, I'm not going on any diet reality show or on a NutraCraig Watchers kick ... I just had the shock absorbers replaced on my recliner.

But the other day, I was opening my mail while at my favorite Dargan hangout. It's a new business where they serve Mexican chips and cheese while wearing funny glasses with noses and mustaches ... you know, Groucho's Nachos.

I got a Dear Syd letter from that Morning Herald sports editor, I think his name is Keller DeVille. He's the brother of the 101 Dalmatians lady, I think, so you can tell what kind of grouch he is.


He was writing to inform me that I was going to have to start writing a lot shorter now. With the impending merger of the Morning Herald and Daily Mail, space was going to be tight and I won't be able to regale my followers in the manner that I'm used to.

He said, "Trim the fat." He's telling me that? Hey, I eat everything on my plate.

I walked down to the Dargan's ladies underwear and sports management center, Victoria's Secret Agents, to talk to my rep about what we were going to do about this.

I mean, telling me to shorten my column is like telling Michelangelo to paint postage stamps instead of chapel ceilings.

It's like telling Steinbrenner that he has to use coupons to buy the Yankees a pennant.

It's like Sam Spade telling Sam not to play it again.

It's like telling the Ravens that kicking field goals no longer counts for points.

Well, I'm not going to stand for this, Keller.

I'll get around this, like any good industrious prognosticator would.

I will not be silenced. I will have my say for as long as I need to say it.

I'll just start writing on shrink wrap.

On with the predictions. Last week: 16-6 (.727); season: 34-12 (.739).


Williamsport 13, Baltimore Lutheran 12

St. James 19, Sidwell Friends 14

Boonsboro 41, Poolesville 20

Linganore 44, South Hagerstown 12

Hancock 30, Clear Spring 13

Urbana 17, Jefferson 12


Smithsburg 20, Winters Mill 18

Martinsburg 49, Friendship Edison 6

Berkeley Springs 38, Frankfort 17

University 41, Hedgesville 21

Central Dauphin 37, Chambersburg 14

Trinity 31, Waynesboro 15

Greencastle 20, Northern 13


Milton Hershey 27, James Buchanan 14

Musselman 24, North Hagerstown 16


Hun School 30, Mercersburg Academy 26


Wake Forest 28, Maryland 20

Penn State 31, Michigan 21

West Virginia 34, East Carolina 14

Shepherd 27, Fairmont State 10


Ravens 22, Cardinals 17

Redskins 27, Giants 14

Steelers 30, 49ers 17

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