'Werewolf' bandit gets 19 years

September 19, 2007|By ERIN JULIUS

HAGERSTOWN - A Hagerstown man pleaded guilty Tuesday in Washington County Circuit Court to robbery, second-degree burglary and fourth-degree burglary and was sentenced to 19 years in prison.

Billy Lloyd Redman Jr. pleaded guilty to robbery in a Feb. 24 incident at an after-hours deposit. The robber wore a brown, rubber werewolf mask and kept his right hand in the pocket of his sweat shirt as if he had a gun, police said.

The state agreed to a plea of robbery instead of armed robbery because it could not demonstrate that Redman used a weapon, Assistant State's Attorney Robert Veil said.

The burglary pleas entered by Redman were in connection with other cases in which he was charged, and the state wanted to package the cases together to resolve everything Tuesday, Veil said.


One case involved money missing from the Starlite Inn on Dec. 18, 2006, and another involved burglary and vandalism at a construction site, Veil said.

Redman suffered from substance abuse from the age of 13, and sought mental health treatment in November 2006 because he was having suicidal thoughts, Assistant Public Defender Loren Villa said Tuesday.

Before his sentencing, Redman spoke to Washington County Circuit Judge John H. McDowell.

"I want to right what I made wrong," Redman said as he sobbed and hit his fingertips on the defense table.

McDowell sentenced Redman to 15 years with all but nine suspended for the robbery and to two 12-year sentences with all but five years suspended in each for the other counts. Redman must serve two years supervised probation upon his release, McDowell ordered.

McDowell said he would recommend Redman be sent to Patuxent Institution, a residential facility for mentally ill inmates.

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