A sampling of students

September 17, 2007

The Herald-Mail will be introducing a few students to readers each month. By the end of the 2007-08 school year, we'll meet all of the children in Bobbi Blubaugh's fifth-grade class.

Bobby Alexander

Age: 10

My favorite school memory is the first day of school.
I can't wait for Christmas.
When the radio is on, I always sing along to AC/DC.
My goal for fifth grade is to get AR (Accelerated Reader) points.

Logan Blake

Age: 11

I really want to go to San Diego.
The most difficult school subject is PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment).
A really yummy food is pizza.
My goal for fifth grade is getting good grades.

Destiny Ridenour

Age: 10

I decorated my bedroom with a poster and pictures of John Cena and Troy Polamalu.
My least-favorite chore is dishes.
A great Saturday afternoon is no chores.
My goal for fifth grade is doing the best I can at everything I do in fifth grade.


Hollister Rolls

Age: 10

Ice cream is best when marshmallow is on top.
My favorite thing to do after school is homework, so I can play.
I was really surprised when Harry Potter didn't know he was a wizard.
My goal for fifth grade is to get an "A" on a lot of my tests.

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