Family businesses poured into one 'Cup'

Wolf's Bakery and Cup O' Joe merge

Wolf's Bakery and Cup O' Joe merge

September 14, 2007|By ASHLEY HARTMAN

GREENCASTLE, PA. - Prompted by a desire to grow their bakery into a restaurant and catering business, and to keep their family under one roof, Steve and Jodi Carbaugh merged Cup O' Joe Coffee and Pastry and Wolf's Baked Goods into one business Sept. 4. The combined business is now known as Cup O' Joe Coffee and Pastry.

"There were many requests for us to do catering," Jodi Carbaugh said. "We must have a restaurant license to do catering."

Although Cup O' Joe had a restaurant license, it was too small for a catering business, Jodi said.

"It's probably a third the size of the space we have here (at Wolf's)," Jodi said.

Wolf's Baked Goods had a bakery license, which did not allow for catering or for customers to eat in the bakery.

So the Carbaugh's decided to combine to two businesses at the bakery's location.

The businesses also merged because they are family owned an operated and it made sense for the family to work together, said Jodi, who would frequently run back and forth between the businesses.


"I think both businesses really complement each other," said Jessica Carbaugh, 24. "We get more family time together."

Four of the 10 employees at Cup O' Joe Coffee and Pastry are family members.

Steve and Jodi bought Cup O' Joe Coffee and Pastry nearly five years ago.

"About a year before we bought it, we had been in the coffee business for a year and a half in Chambersburg," said Jodi, adding that the rent there was too high. "(We) found out the owner of Cup O' Joe wanted to sell her business."

The Carbaugh's had another opportunity to buy a business in Greencastle 18 months ago when Karl Wolf, owner of Wolf's Baked Goods, approached the couple, who had been customers of the bakery.

"(Karl) had grown the business to the point where he could do it all himself," Jodi said. "We didn't want Greencastle to lose its bakery, so we bought it."

Jodi thought the Greencastle community was sad that Wolf was selling his business, but that they would have been more sad if the business was not continued.

"We really wanted to maintain what (Karl) had started (and) keep his dream alive," she said.

At around the same time the Carbaugh's bought Wolf's Baked Goods, their daughter Jessica graduated from culinary school at York Technical Institute.

"I learned everything you could possibly think of," Jessica said. "I was mostly in the restaurant part of it, but they also had pastry arts."

"A lot of my experience came from helping my grandma make things from scratch," said Jessica, who has helped her grandmother since she was 4 years old.

Serve Safe Certified

In order to merge the businesses, the Carbaughs had to have the approval of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

"After we made the move, they had to inspect us before we sold restaurant things (like) sandwiches and soups," Jodi said.

The combined business had to be Serve Safe Certified, which is required of businesses with a restaurant license. Both Jessica and Steve have certification. Jessica received the certification through her culinary training, and Steve took a class and a test to get the certification.

Serve Safe Certified also requires a business to have a public restroom where customers can wash their hands before and after eating.

The Carbaughs had to sell all of the giftware from Wolf's Baked Goods when it merged with Cup O' Joe Coffee and Pastry.

"(We) still sell a few (gifts) related to gourmet food and would compliment baked goods," but the business now primarily sells coffee, pastries, baked goods, soups and sandwiches, Jodi said.

Frieda Taylor, who began working at Wolf's Baked Goods before the Carbaughs bought it, said she gets to the business at 3 a.m. to start the baking process, and Jessica comes in shortly thereafter.

"I usually just do the mixing and (Jessica) does the baking and she comes over and helps me get done what I have to get done," Taylor said. "It's hard, but it's fun."

The reason for the early day is that all the baked goods at Cup O' Joe's are made from scratch daily.

"Bread and sticky buns are fresh daily, our cakes are made here, we even make our own pie filling," Jodi said.

Each day, eight to 10 sheet cakes are made, 55 to 60 8-inch cakes are made and 200 to 300 cupcakes are made, according to Jessica.

Jodi said the company is saving money now that they do not pay two rents and she anticipates that the business will improve now that people can sit down and eat.

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