Letters to the Editor

September 13, 2007

Writers have a point about parents' rights

To the editor:

I've noticed a recent concern in letters to the editor about noncustodial visitation rights, 50/50 shared parenting and grandparents' visitation rights.

In my opinion, this is a disgrace to our children and the effects it has on children in our community, due to the the court system not allowing these important people to be involved in their children's lives.

Since reading letters submitted by Fred Schermerhorn, regional director of Men and Women Against Discrimination in West Virginia and Edward Taylor, president of the Fathers Rights League out of Maryland, I checked the Web to see if what they were saying is true.


These two organizations need to continue what they are doing. There are legitimate concerns and thousands of studies have been conducted concerning these key issues and complaints. The most compelling is that done by Warren Farrell, who has a Web site that interested me personally. Until reading these studies, I personally believed these two organizations were just a bunch of angry parents who were upset about paying child support.

It is now apparent to me that the statements made by both organizations are true and deserve heightened public awareness, as well as the public's support. I am very displeased about how hard the court system is making it for grandparents, of all people, to build a close relationship with their grandchildren.

Maybe it is time that the family law systems in West Virginia and Maryland are demolished and rebuilt to save our children.

Roberta Phillips
Lavale, Md.

Time for nation to grow up a bit

To the editor:

I love my country. Where else on the face of the earth are people so blessed with abundant freedom and opportunities as our beautiful America? No wonder others risk their lives to come here, leaving all behind them, to taste the many blessings most of us have experienced for a lifetime.

Our great United States is young, though. We are mere "global toddlers" compared to the rest of the world. With age, we should acquire wisdom and experience about life. History does, and will, repeat itself if we are so foolish as to allow it. This is why my heart cries for those killed on Sept. 11, 2001, and the ones left behind to grieve them.

Will political disagreements water down how this heartless and gruesome attack came about in the first place? I pray not.

Ending up buying harmful products from China because they were cheaper should be a lesson. Losing our right to pray, because it "offends" a small percentage of outspoken people, should be a lesson. How hard a lesson it was to watch as thousands were murdered by those who carry such hatred for us in their hearts.

My concern for our young country is that we are too vulnerable due to our ideas of trusting and caring for others because we believe in freedom. Our enemies are patient, knowing that without wisdom, we leave openings for them to return. For all those lost on Sept. 11, 2001 and for those of us left behind, I pray we will remain "One Nation Under God," and He grants us wisdom to be gentle as a dove, and yet remain strong, all at the same time.

Kate Buxbaum-Prado

Today's Republicans would shame Reagan

To the editor:

I am disgusted with the ethics of the Republicans in Congress. I understand that people make mistakes and that in this country a person deserves a second chance, but if America doesn't vote most of these losers out, then I guess we have no one else to blame but ourselves.

I can only imagine what Ronald Reagan would say with all these sex scandals, lies and manipulations. The Republican Party has always portrayed itself has the morality police for our society; where have all the captains gone?

Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, is just the latest example of the hypocritical right failing to be holier than thou!

Liz Shrader

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