School board mulls second appraisal for Pa. career center

September 12, 2007|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, PA. - The Waynesboro Area School Board is considering whether to ask for a second appraisal of the Franklin County Career and Technology Center facilities.

In an appraisal presented by representatives of Chambersburg Area School District in June, the purchase price of the property was listed as $5.6 million and the existing equipment as $2.1 million.

Chambersburg is moving forward with a plan to take over ownership and operations of the career center, which is jointly owned and operated by the six school districts in the county.

"Make a trip to the tech school. Go for lunch. See if it's only worth $5 or $6 million," Scott Stine said to the Waynesboro school board on Tuesday.


Stine, plant manager at Waynesboro's Tyco Electronics, urged the board to consider the value of maintaining and improving technical programs at the career center, rather than shifting focus to service-industry jobs.

"I have a very strong commitment to keep manufacturing in this country," he said.

Board member Leland Lemley requested an update on Chambersburg's plans and was told there hasn't been much of one recently. Chambersburg is in the midst of determining how best to initiate a takeover.

County school boards have not voted on whether to relinquish control of the career center.

Lemley questioned why the career center would be worth less than $10 million, considering that Waynesboro is spending $46 million just to renovate and expand its high school.

"That's a real concern for me," Lemley said.

"I hear what you're saying. It seems very low," Superintendent Barry Dallara said, glancing at the board members seated around him.

"I see nods in agreement," Dallara said.

He and other county superintendents are scheduled to meet Thursday for their periodic career center discussions.

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