Calculating Hubs solve Warriors

September 12, 2007|By BOB PARASILITI

In the end, Derek Smith's reaction was a calculated response.

At the time - the 58th minute of the match to be exact - the North Hagerstown midfielder looked, locked, loaded and fired a rebound off the Boonsboro goal into the net for a momentum-turning 2-1 lead.

But after further review, there was scientific proof why Smith's goal set up the Hubs for a hard-fought 3-1 win over the Warriors on Tuesday at Callas Stadium.

"I got to get this down," Smith said about his right-place, right-time goal. "It was kind of like calculus with the square root of X. It floated and dove into the goal. I didn't think of it at the time, but later I had time to reflect."


It was a score to the infinite power for the Hubs, who regained control of the match shortly after the score. North led 1-0 at the half but Boonsboro's halftime adjustments tied the game early to force the frantic action leading up the go-ahead goal.

North got the upper hand in the 58th minute as the Hubs pressure gathered in front of the Boonsboro net. Derek McAbee unleashed a 25-yard shot that hit flush across the goal's crossbar and bounced straight back.

Smith stood 15 yards out at the left of center of the goal. While everyone's heads were turned to pick up McAbee's shot, the ball landed at Smith's feet, where he quickly did the math to get off the shot for the goal.

"I was kind of surprised," Smith said. "I thought the goalie or the defenders would get it before me. I'm a left-footed player, but it landed by my right foot and I just ripped as hard as I could."

The sum of the equation came in North's ability to push back when the Warriors shoved. The Hubs slowly regained control of the ball and forced the issue.

"We were getting a lot of pressure on them," North coach Glen Singer said. "The pressure continued to build and build and build and one finally popped loose and we got it in. About two minutes after that, we started to regain control. We were rushing in the midfield and I inserted McAbee and he got things back under control."

But while Smith was in the right place, Boonsboro ended up being in the wrong spot for the goal.

"That was very unique," Boonsboro coach Brad Delauter said. "When it does something like that, it's a free-for-all."

North jumped out to a quick lead when Michael Baer scored his first of two goals in the 11th minute. He made a move along the left baseline before unleashing a 10-yard shot that bounced off goalie Jake Burtner and into the goal.

It wasn't until the beginning of the second half that Boonsboro got the equalizer as Shane Lowery redirected a ball to the right to set up Jonathan Miller's point-blank shot and score in the 43rd minute.

Baer provided North with an insurance goal in the 67th minute. Tim Gullace charged up the right sideline, then to the middle where he dumped off for the 15-yard shot into the heart of the net.

"Our guys played hard, but they didn't charge the ball as much and got outhustled," Delauter said. "There is no yelling from me tonight on this one, though, because our guys played hard."

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