Local attorney Gordon Lynn dies

September 11, 2007|By ERIN JULIUS


Gordon Arthur Lynn, a Hagerstown attorney and candidate for Washington County State's Attorney in 2006, died Monday evening, according to his former law partner, Lewis Metzner.

News of Lynn's death had reached members of Washington County's legal community by Tuesday morning.

"It's kind of a sad day around here," Washington County Circuit Judge Donald E. Beachley said.

Lynn was an excellent advocate for his clients and a friendly man everyone liked, said John Salvatore, a Hagerstown criminal defense attorney who met Lynn almost 15 years ago.

"He probably shook 200 hands a day. Everybody he met, he shook their hand," said Salvatore, who described Lynn as his best friend.


Lynn, who was in his late 40s, was married with three children.

"He was an amazing father, tremendous husband and awesome friend to everyone who knew him," Diana Lynn said of her late husband. "I'm proud of the man that he was."

Lynn had what he described to friends and colleagues as a cold he couldn't get rid of, Metzner said.

Local attorneys have volunteered to step in and help with Lynn's active cases to make sure all deadlines are met, Washington County Circuit Judge Frederick C. Wright III said.

The court will continue or reschedule Lynn's criminal and civil cases if need be, Wright said.

"Everybody's working on this together," he said.

Kelly Cromer, a local attorney and Hagerstown City Councilwoman, said she volunteered to help with Lynn's caseload because she knew he would have done the same for her.

"It's important that clients know that everything is going to be taken care of," she said Tuesday afternoon after handling three of Lynn's cases in court.

"The court and the state will be working together with the defense bar to make sure everybody is properly represented," State's Attorney Charles Strong said.

Wright remembers the first case Lynn tried before him, the judge said Tuesday.

"I was impressed with this Gordon Lynn and the way that he presented himself and his case to a jury," Wright said. Lynn was energetic, upbeat, compassionate and competitive, Wright said.

In early 2006, Lynn filed as a Republican for the state's attorney's job. He said then he decided to run "quite awhile ago," saying it was time for a change.

Strong won that election.

Local attorney R. David Pembroke shared office space with Lynn for 13 years and described him as a hardworking and diligent attorney who would be missed.

Lynn, who passed the Maryland Bar in 1985, served in the U.S. Army as a judge advocate general and a special assistant U.S. state's attorney.

Whenever someone needed immediate representation, Lynn was always there, Beachley and Wright said.

Beachley described Lynn as a "tremendous resource."

Staff writer Marlo Barnhart contributed to this story.

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