In Chambersburg, it's every doggie into the pool

September 09, 2007|By ASHLEY HARTMAN

CHAMBERSBURG, PA. - The Chambersburg Municipal Pool gave dogs a chance to go for a swim Saturday during its first Puppy Paddle.

"We have three generations of people here," said Nadine Deardorff of Chambersburg, who brought her miniature poodle, Petie, to go swimming.

Deardorff's mother, Carole Taylor, brought Winn-Dixie, a Picaron shepherd, and Deardorff's daughter, Kathryn, brought Molly, a Pomeranian.

"(Petie) loves it - poodles like the water, they have webbed feet," Deardorff said. "It's good therapy for his hip dysplasia."

"I think it's wonderful," said Taylor, of Shippensburg, Pa. "It's a good physical activity."

Deardorff said Molly was a little scared of the water, but still went in.

"She's afraid, but she's having fun," Deardorff said

John Ruseche said the Puppy Paddle was the one day when dogs were allowed in Chambersburg Memorial Park.

"They should open it all up," said Ruseche, who brought Wolfgang, a Siberian husky.

"It's different for (Wolfgang) - coming from the country, he swam in creeks," Ruseche said. "He knows how to swim and does it well."


Julie Redding, assistant director of recreation for the Chambersburg Recreation Department, said the idea for the event came from seeing it at other recreation departments across the nation.

"It's just another event to give dog owners a chance to take their dogs out for recreation," Redding said. "Other parts of Chambersburg aren't exactly dog-friendly."

For $4, the dogs could swim for two hours.

"We weren't sure what to expect, but it appears as though we have 30 dogs," Redding said.

Krissy Maybry, the owner of Velvet and Chessie, both Lab-shepherd mixes, said she knew it would be fun to take her dogs swimming.

"Both my dogs love to swim - one loves to dive," said Maybry, a Chambersburg resident. "I think we should have more dog-friendly activities."

"I've never been to a swimming pool that lets dogs swim," she said. "This is just great."

Redding said she hopes the program will grow in the future to include more pet-related services and dog activities.

Representatives from the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter were at the event to collect donations.

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