Seniors looking forward to last year

September 09, 2007|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

WASHINGTON COUNTY - What are your best memories from your senior year of high school?

Was it prom? Making the basketball team? Did you get your driver's license that year?

This school year, The Herald-Mail will talk with seniors from each public high school in Washington County about the memories they are making.

Each month, beginning today and through their graduation, the eight students will talk about the moments making their senior year special.

Jessey Flowers, 17

Clear Spring High School

Jessey Flowers has high expectations for his senior year of high school.

"I expect it to be more fun than all my other grades," the Clear Spring High School student said. "I'm living it up before college."


Jessey said he wants to spend more time with his friends, and take advantage of some activities at his school.

"I've never even been to one of our sports games," he said.

Jessey is a member of the school's Student Government Association and is involved in show choir. He also helped underclassmen adjust to high school this year through his involvement in a peer mentoring program.

Outside of school, Jessey is involved in a junior fishing club, and is a karate instructor at AllStar Karate in Hagerstown.

Jessey gets mostly A's and B's in school, and said his most difficult class this year is SAT preparation. He hasn't taken the SAT yet, but says he likely will take it in October.

He said he has taken the PSAT.

"It was OK, but it wasn't the best," Jessey said.

Christiana Gagnon, 17

Williamsport High School

Christiana Gagnon says she's looking forward to graduating from high school and has been for a while.

"I'm just tired of high school," the Williamsport High School senior said. "There's too much drama."

Christiana, who lives in Hagerstown, said she's looking forward to moving from the area after high school, and said she would like to enroll in a dental hygienist program at Allegany College of Maryland. She said she chose the two-year program in part because she didn't want to be in school for another four years.

"Everyone always says that senior year is the best year out of all of them," she said. "I hope it will be."

Christiana is involved with Williamsport's jazz, concert and marching bands. She plays the saxophone in the jazz band, flute and piccolo in the concert band and piccolo in the marching band. She also is a section leader and first chair of the flute section in those bands.

Christiana, who is an honor roll student, also plays softball for her school's team, and is a member of the National Honor Society. She said her favorite subject was math until last year, when she took advanced placement calculus.

Christiana said she has a learner's permit now, and is looking forward to getting her driver's license in November.

Meagan Graff, 16

North Hagerstown High School

For Meagan Graff, graduating from high school means she finally will get to start doing what she will be doing for the rest of her life.

Right now, that plan includes obtaining a master's degree in aerospace engineering and an eventual career with NASA.

Until graduation, though, the North Hagerstown High School student's days will be busy with marching band, wind ensemble, flute choir, youth group and dance.

Meagan also is a straight-A student, and is a member of several honors clubs at her school.

Meagan plays the flute and clarinet, and says that music is her passion and a way for her to relax.

"It's just an outlet for me," she said. "It's something I can do to get my mind off of the stress of school. It's the most relaxing class of the day."

This school year, Meagan hopes to make All-County Band and is looking forward to band competitions.

She also is looking for a part-time job and has applied to 35 places, hoping to save money for college.

Christopher Mozingo, 16

South Hagerstown High School

For Christopher Mozingo, the highlight of his senior year of high school will be baseball season.

The South Hagerstown High School student said an injury in his sophomore year prevented him from playing, and last year was the first year he played baseball for his school. Chris said he enjoys baseball and typically plays in the outfield.

Chris said he will take driver's education this year, and said he hopes to get his learner's permit soon, then his driver's license.

"I want to have it by graduation," Chris said of his license.

Since January, Chris has worked as a cashier and bagger at Food Lion, and said he cut his time there to 20 hours each week during the school year.

"It was a lot more during the summer," he said. "Too many."

Chris said he is saving money for a car.

He said his classes this year are a mixture of "easy" classes such as gym and weightlifting and some honors courses. After high school, he would like to go into the military or law enforcement.

Alvin Missouri, 17

Washington County Technical High School

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