Teenager guilty of second-degree assault

September 06, 2007|By ERIN JULIUS

A male teenager was found guilty Wednesday in juvenile court of second-degree assault.

He was acquitted of other charges, including trespassing.

During a verbal dispute in July between the boy's family and the woman whose land they were living on, the boy hit the woman in the face, witnesses testified Wednesday.

Bones in the woman's face were broken, her nose bled for two days and she sought treatment at the hospital, the woman testified. A contractor who was performing work on the property at the time of the incident testified that he saw the boy strike the woman.

Members of the boy's family, including his mother, sister and father, testified that the woman assaulted him before he punched her.


His father said repeatedly that his son hit the woman in self-defense.

Assistant State's Attorney Michelle Flores said that the testimony of the family members was not consistent.

Washington County Circuit Judge Donald E. Beachley found the boy guilty.

It was "absolutely incredible" that the boy's father testified his family had not discussed the incident since it occurred, Beachley said. The story seemed concocted, Beachley said.

Beachley delayed disposition, the juvenile equivalent of a sentencing, until Oct. 3 and ordered a predisposition investigation for more information about the boy's home life.

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